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Subject: "Yeah I've read that as well. That would be pretty excellent" Previous topic | Next topic
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Sun Jan-17-10 01:00 AM

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10. "Yeah I've read that as well. That would be pretty excellent"
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But it also seems that Aziz and Jason Woliner sold some ideas to Judd Apatow, which is at least two Human Giant members. So who knows what we'll see first, if any of those at all. Hopefully they do all keep doing stuff, though, because I really like what I've seen by them so far.

Also, nice album choice in your avy. I actually had that same one as mine for a few months at some point before. There are so many fantastic bits on that album- just off the top of my head, obviously the KFC bowl one, the miracle of childbirth and Cirque Du Soleil are some favorites, but there was so much more brilliance I'm leaving out.


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Aziz Ansari - Intimate Moments For a Sensual Evening [View all] , Vaiops2wega, Sat Jan-16-10 06:51 AM
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I saw him on the tour, definitely enjoyed it
Jan 16th 2010
how long did he do?
Jan 16th 2010
      I think it was about 70 minutes
Jan 16th 2010
I heard a pretty cool guy was the PM for that show...
Jan 16th 2010
On a somewhat related note
Jan 16th 2010
Let's go!
Jan 16th 2010
wait, do they have the rights to human giant?
Jan 17th 2010
Yeah, I'm not entirely sure how that worked out
Jan 17th 2010
      true, they've been saying those guys are gonna put together a movie
Jan 17th 2010
                yeah, there wasn't a weak point at all.
Jan 17th 2010
                     RE: yeah, there wasn't a weak point at all.
Jan 23rd 2010
Watched that
Jan 18th 2010
but did you see him on kimmel
Jan 17th 2010
Good show. Dug it.
Jan 18th 2010
Could've done without the Randy part
Jan 18th 2010
Is there anything as funny as 'this is how we eat it'?
Jan 23rd 2010
definitely one of the funniest moments from p&r
Jan 25th 2010
been cracking up all week at work listening to this
Jan 23rd 2010
Aziz has joined whatever list has DCross and Patton on it
Jan 24th 2010
Oh yeah, the special is great
Jan 24th 2010
Jan 26th 2010
yo the Harris story had me and the mrs in fucking tears!
Jan 27th 2010
"the technology for teleportation doesn't exist yet
Jan 28th 2010

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