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Thu Jun-11-09 01:21 PM

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"'90s "urban crime flick" - I NEED YOUR HELP!"



I don't usually talk about my career here. It seems to me the folks who spend all day on the internet talking about their career have work that shows just that.
But I gotta share this.
I'll be as detailed as I can.
I gotta keep names out.
Please don't ask me who they are.
So I do a lot of writing (like the name WORDMAN didn't give it away) and I've got work with CLIENT. We're shooting around ideas. CLIENT: "I want to do something black." Wordman: "groan." Because any time you hear someone say this, regardless of race, it has a high potentiality to go south. CLIENT is black, so I know what CLIENT is "trying" to say. We shoot around some "black" ideas.
I approach writing jobs like I approach graphic design jobs: what does the person want - give them that.
It comes down to two ideas.
1) project on jazz music.
2) an urban crime flick.
Take a moment and note the irony, of a black hollywooder, trying to decide on a new project, choosing between the two.
CLIENT is all about the urban crime flick.
Wordman: "You mean another black people shooting black people movie?" CLIENT: "Nah man, I'm talking about a crime, gangster thing. You know, but it takes place in the hood." Wordman: "A black people shooting black people movie." CLIENT: "Nah man, I'm talking about the kind of shit they used to make in the '90s. Like New Jack City and shit." Wordman: "Sigh."
CLIENT is the same individual who complains about the "lack of opportunities provided for blacks in Hollywood." (work with enough hollywooders and you'll hear it so much you no longer believe their sincerity). I remind him of this fact. CLIENT: "Yeah, but Nino Brown son!" Wordman: "Sigh."
Now I have the "urban crime flick" script 80% finished. I'm not one to compare scripts (because most folks - writers included - don't read scripts, they just see the movie), but it's as good if not better than any since the "golden era" of urban crime flicks. CLIENT will love it and get right to work on it. Now the jazz jawn is around 40% finished. I'm trying to buy myself some time and show this cat the light. Help me out and post some titles to remind CLIENT that just because we have some money doesn't mean we have to move backwards. We could actually - GASP! - do something new.
The '90s Black People Shooting Black People Movie Post.

"Your current frequencies of understanding outweigh that which has been given for you to understand." Saul Williams


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'90s "urban crime flick" - I NEED YOUR HELP! [View all] , Wordman, Thu Jun-11-09 01:21 PM
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Jun 11th 2009
RE: '90s "urban crime flick" - I NEED YOUR HELP!
Jun 11th 2009
Not being black,
Jun 11th 2009
NEW JAZZ CITY -- make it happen
Jun 11th 2009
Jun 11th 2009
Bluez in da Hood
Jun 12th 2009
      It's bigger than B.B. King
Jun 15th 2009
Jun 11th 2009
Just don't release it at the same time as the Sticky Fingaz flick
Jun 11th 2009
I have no say on the release of films I write
Jun 11th 2009
      I'm just fuckin witcha fam. Good look either way tho.
Jun 11th 2009
Jun 11th 2009
David Simon is doing an HBO series on Jazz in N'awlins
Jun 11th 2009
I was this close to telling him
Jun 11th 2009
      now THAT would have been hilarious!
Jun 12th 2009
Jun 12th 2009
                RE: Laugh to keep from crying, my man...
Jun 16th 2009
Black Sci-fi opera
Jun 11th 2009
Can an epic black movie without black cliche work?
Jun 12th 2009
      Remake of brother john
Jun 15th 2009
           this is one I've seen some interest in
Jun 15th 2009
                It could work - Chedale or Underwood
Jun 19th 2009
                     oh yeah, it could work
Jun 20th 2009
                          Solid - keep me in the loop. Thanks.
Jun 21st 2009

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