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Subject: "Two Lovers (Joaquin Phoenix, Gwenyth Paltrow, Vinessa Shaw)" Previous topic | Next topic
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Thu Feb-19-09 09:41 AM

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"Two Lovers (Joaquin Phoenix, Gwenyth Paltrow, Vinessa Shaw)"
Thu Feb-19-09 09:41 AM by dunk



I peeped this and it's a great movie. Glad to see a quality film this early in the year and a great romantic drama that wasn't cheesy.

The whole cast was on point acting, Joaquin and Paltrow usually are, and I'm glad Vinessa Shaw, with the little she had with her character, put in a good performance (and looks good as a brunette)

The story was pretty predictable but I still enjoyed it. The characters of Phoenix and Paltrow were great, esp. the former and both were passionate and pretty damn intense with their scenes together.

a solid flick that i'd give an 8/10 to.


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Two Lovers (Joaquin Phoenix, Gwenyth Paltrow, Vinessa Shaw) [View all] , dunk, Thu Feb-19-09 09:41 AM
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i saw a preview of this before The Wrestler.
Feb 19th 2009
LOL and how so?
Feb 20th 2009
      just your average groaning, laughing, etc.
Mar 02nd 2009
if MC Walking Phoenix does the soundtrack, i'll watch.
Feb 19th 2009
He does have a brief rap in it
Feb 24th 2009
Checkin this out on Monday. Joaquin works well with James Grey.
Feb 19th 2009
is this out yet?
Feb 19th 2009
it came out feb. 13th
Feb 19th 2009
      Word? How did that slip past me? Thanks. nm
Feb 20th 2009
I loved it
Feb 20th 2009
RE: I loved it
Feb 20th 2009
      I havent seen The Yards but...
Feb 20th 2009
           RE: I havent seen The Yards but...
Feb 20th 2009
funny me and the lady was gonna go see it
Feb 20th 2009
Vinessa Shaw was really underused
Feb 20th 2009
The highlight for me was hearing Lujon & a Paltrow 1/2 rack
Feb 24th 2009
Shit looks corny to me nm
Mar 02nd 2009
that thread was actually about shaw...
Mar 02nd 2009
shaw been on my radar since Ladybugs.
Mar 02nd 2009
it really isn't corny at all
Mar 02nd 2009
Almost a perfect good movie. Not a near-masterpiece or anything
May 01st 2009

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