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Subject: "The Surfer was PERFECT." This topic is locked.
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Mon Jun-18-07 08:33 PM

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24. "The Surfer was PERFECT."
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Mon Jun-18-07 09:15 PM by Voodoochilde


absolutely perfect. they captured everything that made him so cool in the comics when he first appeared. My wife who knows nothing of the comics history came out saying 'the surfer was AWESOME'

kudos to them for that.

i wanted MORE surfer though. i wish the movie was longer OR wish they would have split the story into two movies and had this one give us MORE surfer and the NEXT one give us the Galactus epic...

jessica alba is the female keanue reeves acting wise...ugh.

I really liked the movie. for the most part, It gave me what i wanted. The FF comic on the screen with all its quirky goofyness, a cool ass Surfer and an ominous Galactus (though the actual Galactus portion was wayyyy too short of a resolution. Like i said that should have been longer or handled in a sequel movie). I actually didn't mind the Galactus representation at all. I actually LIKED it the way he was not 'really' seen, but only glimpsed or inferred. To me that made him even more ominous and 'god like'. had he been a LITERAL pull from the comics ( big guy in a purple skirt ) i actually think that would have been tough to pull off and would have had far less of a 'scary end of the earth' feel like the 'engulfing cloud with glimpses of the entity beneath' did. No disrespect meant to the source material at all (which i am a huge fan of, back when i collected comics seriously FF's #48, 49 & 50 were the top shelf most PRIZED possesions in my collection), but in the modern day and in the movie medium the big skirted guy with a G on his chest would not have come accross to well no matter what special effects you have at your disposal. So I think they made the right choices in the movie as as far as that goes...

on the whole a fun, kick back and enjoy it, summer popcorn movie that doesn't take itself too seriously and doesn't disespect the source material.

it was wayyyy better than Spidey 3 (which was all over the place storywise/source materialwise, and quirky in the WRONG places.)

and did i mention...the Surfer kicked ASS? PEFECTLY executed!


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Official Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer Post [View all] , bshelly, Fri Jun-15-07 10:10 AM
Subject Author Message Date ID
45 on Metacritic, 27% Rotten Tomatos
Jun 15th 2007
the grade: a legit B
Jun 15th 2007
What? Galactus just appears as a cloud?
Jun 15th 2007
i thought it was fresh. i'd see it again. n/m
Jun 15th 2007
We must've saw a different movie
Jun 15th 2007
DVD rental at best (semi spolier)
Jun 15th 2007
black director = my support
Jun 16th 2007
did they stick to the script? jack kirby and stan lee
Jun 16th 2007
i'm watchin it's exactly what I expected.
Jun 17th 2007
It's much better than the first
Jun 17th 2007
I saw it last wasn't bad, but Spidey 3 was better
Jun 17th 2007
Jun 17th 2007
I'd give it 2.5 stars.... (Spoilers)
Jun 17th 2007
DOOM was not pleased
Jun 17th 2007
straight ASS
Jun 17th 2007
Question: Where Jessica's eyes blue in the first movie?
Jun 17th 2007
Jun 17th 2007
Great special effects, Horrible movie
Jun 17th 2007
doom has stolen silver surfer's surfboard before
Jun 18th 2007
Stills anyone?
Jun 26th 2007
      you'll probably have to wait til the dvd comes out
Jun 26th 2007
Overall, I really just hope the movie gets the Silver Surfer his own mov...
Jun 18th 2007
I liked it more than Spidey 3
Jun 18th 2007
much better than spidey 3... really enjoyable..
Jun 18th 2007
57 million over the weekend....
Jun 18th 2007
      RE: 57 million over the weekend....
Jun 19th 2007
talk of a surfer movie has been circulating
Jun 18th 2007
      J. Michael Straczynski says he's got a Surfer script written
Jun 18th 2007
           A Surfer solo movie would be fine...
Jun 19th 2007
                the ff is nice to see from time to time but it would be overkill...
Jun 20th 2007
Decent enough
Jun 20th 2007
I reeeeeally wanna see Galactus
Jun 21st 2007
He is a cloud, but it doesn't look nearly as bad as you would think n/m
Jun 21st 2007
I just figured out what was wrong....
Jun 21st 2007
I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Jun 24th 2007
Why did they cut the sex scene between The Thing and his broad?
Jun 26th 2007
because no one wants to see that
Jun 26th 2007
Jun 26th 2007
           ok...that makes me feel better. lol n/m
Jun 26th 2007
wow. this was bad.
Jul 24th 2007
RE: C'mon have a heart
Jul 24th 2007
The next time you ask why Hollywood sucks, remember this.
Jul 24th 2007

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