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Subject: "Rank your excitement about these 20 2007 summer movies." This topic is locked.
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Frank Longo
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Thu May-17-07 12:27 PM

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"Rank your excitement about these 20 2007 summer movies."



Your choices:
Spiderman 3
28 Weeks Later
Shrek the Third
Pirates 3
Knocked Up
Hostel 2
Ocean's 13
Fantastic Four 2
Evan Almighty
Live Free or Die Hard
Harry Potter 5
I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry
The Simpsons Movie
The Bourne Ultimatum
Rush Hour 3

Mine are:

20. Hostel 2- Didn't see the first, don't care to see the second.

19. 28 Weeks Later- Hated the first, and while it looks cool, ain't excited to see the second.

18. The Simpsons Movie- The show's fallen hard and the trailers ain't funny. I love the characters, but ain't excited to see this.

17. Sicko- Love the subject matter, don't like the documentarian. Will probably see this despite reservations.

16. Rush Hour 3- Didn't see the second one. This trilogy just can't get me excited. Still, the trailer looked funny.

15. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry- Dumb looking Adam Sandler comedy, but this one has Kevin James, who is hilarious.

14. The Bourne Ultimatum- Never saw the first, liked the second, am kinda looking forward to the third.

13. Shrek the Third- I'm not the biggest Shrek fan, but they always provide me with some cheap laughs. I'll probably see this despite hating on the last two.

12. Hairspray- Not my favorite musical, but a hell of a cast, great source material, and movie musicals are always either really good or not at all. Should be interesting.

11. Superbad- That Apatow/Rogen team can't do much wrong in my mind right now. The trailer looks funny, and I love the cast.

10. Ocean's 13- So Ocean's 12 wasn't good, I think we all agree. This one looks a lot funnier, like a good return to the fun of the first one.

9. Evan Almighty- Despite budget and my disappointment with the first, Carell can do no wrong, and the trailer looks very funny.

8. Pirates 3- I was somewhat disappointed with the 2nd, hopefully the 3rd will tie it all together in a satisfying way.

7. Harry Potter 5- My least favorite Harry Potter book, but it's the Harry Potter movies, and the last two have been a lot of fun.

6. Fantastic Four 2- The first one was okay at best, but MAN does the trailer look great.

5. Spiderman 3- I was very excited about this. I mean, did you SEE the trailer? It was advertised as the event you didn't want to miss, and I didn't want to miss it.

4. Ratatouille- Pixar + Brad Bird = inevitable brilliance. No chance that this movie isn't great.

3. Knocked Up- I always really look forward to one comedy a summer. This is the movie that my comedy hopes rest upon. Which is good, because it looks terrific, and everyone who's seen it has raved.

2. Transformers- Fuck it, this is what the summer is about for me. The trailer and special effects look fucking awesome.

1. Live Free or Die Hard- So I'm sure this will disappoint me. I'm sure of it. But with the trailer to the 4th in one of my all-time favorite trilogies being SO cool (I mean, he uses a car to take out a helicopter! FUCKING AWESOME!), I can't help but be more excited about this than any other movie this summer. If it delivers... well, I don't want to jinx it. But I really REALLY hope it lives up to the three before it.

Those are mine. Now do yours.

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Rank your excitement about these 20 2007 summer movies. [View all] , Frank Longo, Thu May-17-07 12:27 PM
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RE: Rank your excitement about these 20 2007 summer movies.
May 17th 2007
May 17th 2007
May 17th 2007
What the hell, I love lists.
May 17th 2007
May 17th 2007
      RE: Response:
May 17th 2007
           He forgot to mention Jessical Biel in Chuck and Larry
May 17th 2007
Here we go
May 17th 2007
i'm gonna play categories here:
May 17th 2007
I'll play
May 17th 2007
Sicko is the Michael Moore doc attacking health care.
May 17th 2007
      that sounds aok to me
May 17th 2007
this just reminds me of how little interest I have in mainstream movies
May 17th 2007
May 17th 2007
RE: Rank your excitement about these 20 2007 summer movies.
May 17th 2007
RE: Rank your excitement about these 20 2007 summer movies.
May 17th 2007
RE: Rank your excitement about these 20 2007 summer movies.
May 17th 2007
my ranking.
May 17th 2007
There aren't any black people in most of those movies.
May 18th 2007
      RE: There aren't any black people in most of those movies.
May 18th 2007
Goddamn, I'm miserly.
May 17th 2007
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May 17th 2007
Harry muthaphuckin Potter
May 17th 2007

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