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Subject: "To those who have talent: Let's talk about actually doing it." This topic is locked.
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Frank Longo
Member since Nov 18th 2003
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Tue May-01-07 12:44 PM

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"To those who have talent: Let's talk about actually doing it."
Tue May-01-07 12:46 PM by Frank Longo



As I head to grad school next year to put two more years of intensive studies in, I look ahead toward the future and seriously considering pursuing creative endeavors as a career. I've gotten really strong encouragement from several people, and recently an author who's a professor at Duke, Reynolds Price, had some words for me that really made me think:

"You're a talented man-- need I tell you?-- Russell, and I trust you're going to do something interesting with your gifts. You'll likely suffer if you don't-- and I don't say that as any sort of threat, only as what seems a realistic observation after nearly fifty years of observing a large number of Duke students-- some 3,000 of them by now."

That quote really scared me to some extent. I really think that I could make it-- why not risk it and go out and try to achieve? My creative writing gets really well received, and I know my plays are better than a girl who recently got accepted into the M.F.A. program at Columbia for playwriting. There are directors who I've worked with who now work in NYC that I'm confident I am better than, and I've gotten great reviews from local theater people and professors who've said I've directed some of the best work Duke has seen, including better than department shows. I've also got a thick skin for bad reviews and rejection when they come, and I really feel like I could make it in the real world. I'm also currently of a mindset that I really might be heading to a big city and trying to get a job in the arts, something that a couple of years I never would've thought I was good enough to do.

So why am I making this post?

I want to hear from some of you who are actually out there working, using your talents (or holding down a job until you can). Tell me about where your mind was when you were in high school/college. Did you honestly think you could go achieve in the profession of your dreams? What have all the benefits/downfalls been that you've encountered since going out and doing it?

For whatever reason, that quote above really has made me think recently that unless I give it a try, I'll never know if I could become something special and make movies/write or direct plays/do whatever that really matters. So I'm kind of really really excited about the future, how this program is going to train me further for theater, and what I can go out and do after this. And while I realize that in a decade I'll likely be a jaded industry type like some other OKPs (no snitchin'), I still can't help but be excited about what the future holds.

So to those who are out there doing it: what were your dreams in high school/college? How did those dreams evolve? What obstacles have you faced/overcome/continued to face? Where do you see yourself ideally in 10 years? This is a positive post for those who are out there using their God-given talents doing something they love and to those like me who are planning on actually doing it.


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To those who have talent: Let's talk about actually doing it. [View all] , Frank Longo, Tue May-01-07 12:44 PM
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Off point but one of the best ways to make it...
May 01st 2007
What is your actual dream? As in, where would you be if you could?
May 01st 2007
PTP saves my sanity at work
May 01st 2007
      What gig are you on now? Also, what's your bread and butter?
May 01st 2007
these boards actually stimulate me, creatively.
May 01st 2007
      I agree
May 01st 2007
May 01st 2007
May 01st 2007
      Russell is my hero.
May 01st 2007
Wait, your name is Russell?
May 01st 2007
I'll have to hit this up later
May 01st 2007
May 01st 2007
its official ernest
May 01st 2007
      Rusty for short
May 01st 2007
           Cere is so angry.
May 01st 2007
                I've KNOWN it was Rusty
May 01st 2007
                     LOL what?
May 01st 2007
                          I immed you that time and some broad said
May 02nd 2007
                               Oh, I knew you knew my name. That doesn't bother me.
May 02nd 2007
The thick skin will help
May 01st 2007
Thanks for the advice.
May 01st 2007
What I have done...
May 01st 2007
May 01st 2007
I swear if I could just get back into college...
May 01st 2007
Get it done, dude.
May 01st 2007
      I hate phrases like go out there and do it...
May 01st 2007
           But you know what I mean though. It's not overnight of course.
May 01st 2007
           I didn't think you were undermining anything...
May 02nd 2007
           Ultimately, that's what it comes down to.
May 02nd 2007
                I wasn't saying you had to have money...
May 02nd 2007
using my art and tech skills in the service of others
May 01st 2007
In what manner would you use your art to help others?
May 01st 2007
      RE: In what manner would you use your art to help others?
May 01st 2007
           That sounds really great and honorable.
May 01st 2007
                thanks...i'm thinking about going corporate though
May 01st 2007
The one thing that helped me out the most-
May 02nd 2007
im not in the industry and im not all that talented
May 02nd 2007
I'm making the films I want to make
May 02nd 2007
Ask yourself what you really want out of life first
May 02nd 2007
May 02nd 2007
May 02nd 2007

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