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Subject: "You SAW the previews right?" This topic is locked.
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Big Chief Rumbletummy
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Mon Feb-20-06 02:10 PM

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40. "You SAW the previews right?"
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If you saw the trailer for that movie, then went ahead and spent money on it, we need to talk.

You saw how they had someone dressed up like Napoleon Dynamite, speaking in his voice, and then tripping as he ran away right? You saw how they had a cat use a toilet like in Meet The Parents right? You saw that they had a girl in a fat suit like Gwyneth Paltrow in Shallow Hal and she did something like farted or fell over or farted while falling over or farted over a fall or something right? You saw that the movie was centered around the ugly awkward red-haired who will only forever be know for saying that one band camp...she stuck a flute in her pussy...SPECIFICALLY BECAUSE she's known for saying that one band camp...she stuck a flute in her pussy, right?

Because I saw all that shit when I saw the trailer for the movie.

And I am still trying to shake the images from my mind.

If you saw all that shit like I did, and yet you STILL went to see it, PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE next time you want to go see a funny movie, just send me $20 and I'll just randomly say shit like: band camp...I stuck a flute in my pussy. With a frickin 12 gauge what the heck ya think? **farts** **farts again all fat girl like** Focker. Gaylord Focker. Gaylord. Whatchoo talking about Willis? Yo quiero Taco Bell! Can you hear me now?

See what I did there? I typed a bunch of different pop culture references that you're familiar with!! That's funny to you!! Because you know where the references come from!! Stuff is funnier when its repeated!! I know you're probably laughing hysterically right now and can't see straight to reply properly so its cool, the first taste is a freebie.


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DATE MOVIE- Who makes these parodies? [View all] , Frank Longo, Sun Feb-19-06 12:59 AM
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Here's what I really want to know
Feb 18th 2006
Feb 18th 2006
They didn't write Scary Movie together
Feb 18th 2006
      RE: They didn't write Scary Movie together
Feb 18th 2006
      RE: They didn't write Scary Movie together
Feb 18th 2006
You have nobody to blame but yourself Frank. That looks awful.
Feb 18th 2006
Feb 18th 2006
I thought at best it could be a really dumb movie.
Feb 19th 2006
      Dude I could make a movie in my backyard with a camcorder
Feb 19th 2006
      i don't blame Fred or Eugene
Feb 19th 2006
           Oh I don't blame their decisions to be in these films...not at all.
Feb 19th 2006
Did you at least get rewarded??
Feb 18th 2006
damn. i just lol'd at the idea of willow krumping.
Feb 18th 2006
Yeah, it looks pretty unfunny
Feb 18th 2006
I meant to say equivalent...equation haha
Feb 18th 2006
Reminds me of Scary Movie 3.
Feb 18th 2006
I saw about 5 minutes of that one
Feb 18th 2006
Horrible Horrible Movie
Feb 18th 2006
more importantly: who WATCHES them?
Feb 18th 2006
i was guna say
Feb 18th 2006
Thanks. I was planning on seeing it but now i'm definitely not
Feb 18th 2006
you wanna tell me that you needed Longo to tell you this film was wack?
Feb 18th 2006
      Nah, it obviously looked like a stupid/silly type of movie
Feb 18th 2006
           the jokes looked really lame and sophomoric in the previews
Feb 18th 2006
                I'm sorry, did someone say random drunk white girls?
Feb 18th 2006
my friend is in this thing
Feb 18th 2006
9 out 10 actors in this town would kill to be in that movie.
Feb 18th 2006
Feb 18th 2006
      you're saying Seth Meyers is unfunny?
Feb 18th 2006
           yeah seriously, stop that right now
Feb 19th 2006
I read this post and STILL went to go see it
Feb 19th 2006
get new friends
Feb 19th 2006
I wanted to throw up at this movie.....
Feb 19th 2006
Although I was pleasently surprised to hear the Preceptionists
Feb 19th 2006
Yeah, I killed time watching like the last hour of Date Movie
Feb 19th 2006
wasnt that bad, the mr and mrs smith part was funny
Feb 19th 2006
So they stole a joke?
Feb 19th 2006
Shit, Tristam Shandy is sort of a parody. Go see that.
Feb 19th 2006

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