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Boogie Stimuli
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Thu Oct-07-21 10:27 AM

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26. "I said underrated, not classic."
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>I like that period a lot but most of those albums have some
>pretty low lows. TGE is the only one of those albums to dodge
>any major bullets (if you can get past P Control), maybe The
>Truth. But...

I love P Control.

>C&D: some really great stuff is often overlooked here but
>putting it side by side with ATWIAD makes absolutely no sense,
>because only one of those records had "I Rock Therefore I Am",
>lol -- game over. And "Right The Wrong." Those aren't the only
>dicey tracks, either, but "Rock" is especially embarassing.

I love "I Rock, Therefore I Am". One of his finest moments imo. It's one of the songs that I can tell really came from his core much in the same way that "Dig U Better Dead" did. He didn't just sing the words to these songs, he lived them. I think it comes through in everything about these joints. I really like the music on "Right The Wrong". Not one of my favorites due it being mainly talking, but I don't hate it.

>Emancipation: What kind of math are you doing where you turn
>one album into three, lol?

The kind that acknowledges there are 3 discs with enough music for 3 albums.

>But either way, only one of those
>discs (if treated as an album in itself) is solid from top to
>bottom (disc 2 all day!),

Disagreed. I like all 3 very much.

>The Truth: Definitely overlooked. Animal Kingdom is a harsh
>listen - when "Purple and Gold" dropped I had Animal Kingdom
>flashbacks, lol. I don't think song for song it's top-tier
>Prince but it's really, really good Prince, and a tighter,
>more coherent album than most other releases from this period.

Another song that represented him well since he was vegan at the time. So was I when it dropped. I always really liked the song. I can understand being unable to relate to it at all tho.

>NPS: There's no way this can be counted in an album streak.

It can if I'm counting, and I'm the one counting, so there's that.

>Folks clowned Push It Up and Freaks on This Side like crazy

That really doesn't matter to me. I think a lot of the clowning has to do with judging it as attempts to fit it contemporarily. I personally don't listen to Prince's music that way.

>the most
>interesting song on the album is a hidden/bonus track...

I disagree. "Wasted Kisses" is nice tho.

>With Emancipation and NPS in there, you really can't call this
>period an *album* streak.

I did, and I still do.

>I'd say it's a productive period for
>him with a lot of highs but it's maddeningly inconsistent and
>often poorly executed.

That's fine. You get to say whatever you like. I say it was a nice album streak.

>The closest post-TGE run to a streak, imo, would be Rainbow
>Children/One Night Alone/Musicology.

I considered that off the strength of the first 2. I just don't personally like the Musicology album enough. I tended to like latter career Prince less when he seemed to be going for something mainstream. I love Rainbow Children and One Nite Alone tho.

Days like this I miss Sha Mecca


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What are Prince's best 3 album, 4 album and 5 album runs? [View all] , Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Sep-30-21 09:45 AM
Subject Author Message Date ID
interesting question - discography for reference
Sep 30th 2021
Honestly, I don't consider anything after Love Symbol as far as runs are
Sep 30th 2021
this is fair
Oct 01st 2021
The list is missing "New Power Soul" (1998)
Oct 05th 2021
RE: What are Prince's best 3 album, 4 album and 5 album runs?
Sep 30th 2021
Yeah, Around The World in a Day is the complicator
Sep 30th 2021
      Yeah I like it
Sep 30th 2021
I read this post like 5 times.
Sep 30th 2021
To Me, His First Nine Albums Is A Great Run
Sep 30th 2021
How you gonna leave Sign of the Time out the Run!
Oct 01st 2021
      like he said "iffy" stuff emerged around SOTT
Oct 01st 2021
      SOTT doesn't have anything more "iffy"
Oct 01st 2021
      Never liked the title track and U got the look - those were the big sing...
Oct 01st 2021
           What is this blasphemy going on up in this post?!??!?!
Oct 01st 2021
           i think this is really interesting
Oct 01st 2021
           I skip Hot Thing, It and the Cross
Oct 01st 2021
           Mayne You Are Seriously Buggin'
Oct 01st 2021
                Well, with Prince I'm a "Mr. Narrow it down" person
Oct 01st 2021
      I completely agree re: SOTT...feels like the beginning of
Oct 01st 2021
      I Didn't Leave SOTT Out, It's His 9th
Oct 01st 2021
from dirty mind to lovesexy
Oct 01st 2021
The three album streak is a mindf*cker right?
Oct 01st 2021
Oct 06th 2021
The Gold Expereince to New Power Soul is underrated
Oct 06th 2021
underrated maybe, but not a classic streak
Oct 07th 2021

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