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Fri Oct-01-21 07:55 AM

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12. "from dirty mind to lovesexy"
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Dirty Mind to Lovesexy, honestly, is an out-of-this-world run. I can put on any album from that streak and it feel that it (mostly) shows Prince at his best. At any point, I might call any one of those albums my favorite P album... 8 albums in as many years. Few folks run their critical period for that long with that much output.

That said:

Controversy is probably my least favorite of that stretch. From the perspective of great runs, that infuriates me -- because it basically means Dirty Mind can't be included, which is in my gun-to-the-head top 3.

Keeping the question of runs at bay for a moment, I don't think I could really make a gun-to-the-head top 3. But I can organize the period into three tiers:

Personal favorites (i.e. what I listen to and actively appreciate most): SOTT/Parade/Dirty Mind/Lovesexy

Classics that I love but honestly don't reach for that often: 1999 and Purple Rain. I'm more partial to the latter; 1999 has always seemed a bit bloated to me (but what do you take off!??!).

The easiest for me to "let go" of: Controversy and ATWIAD. ATWIAD *almost* makes it into my personal favorites list but I skip Temptation, America, and The Ladder too easily.

With all that in mind... total personal preference, but my streaks would probably be:

5 albums: Purple Rain to Lovesexy
4 albums: Purple Rain to SOTT
3 albums: Parade to Lovesexy

If we're talking more "objectively" classics, that might all change. At least the 5 album streak, that would probably be 1999 to SOTT.

I don't know man, thanks for letting my brain procrastinate on everything else for a while, lol...


~ i could still snort you under the table ~


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What are Prince's best 3 album, 4 album and 5 album runs? [View all] , Buddy_Gilapagos, Thu Sep-30-21 09:45 AM
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interesting question - discography for reference
Sep 30th 2021
Honestly, I don't consider anything after Love Symbol as far as runs are
Sep 30th 2021
this is fair
Oct 01st 2021
The list is missing "New Power Soul" (1998)
Oct 05th 2021
RE: What are Prince's best 3 album, 4 album and 5 album runs?
Sep 30th 2021
Yeah, Around The World in a Day is the complicator
Sep 30th 2021
      Yeah I like it
Sep 30th 2021
I read this post like 5 times.
Sep 30th 2021
To Me, His First Nine Albums Is A Great Run
Sep 30th 2021
How you gonna leave Sign of the Time out the Run!
Oct 01st 2021
      like he said "iffy" stuff emerged around SOTT
Oct 01st 2021
      SOTT doesn't have anything more "iffy"
Oct 01st 2021
      Never liked the title track and U got the look - those were the big sing...
Oct 01st 2021
           What is this blasphemy going on up in this post?!??!?!
Oct 01st 2021
           i think this is really interesting
Oct 01st 2021
           I skip Hot Thing, It and the Cross
Oct 01st 2021
           Mayne You Are Seriously Buggin'
Oct 01st 2021
                Well, with Prince I'm a "Mr. Narrow it down" person
Oct 01st 2021
      I completely agree re: SOTT...feels like the beginning of
Oct 01st 2021
      I Didn't Leave SOTT Out, It's His 9th
Oct 01st 2021
The three album streak is a mindf*cker right?
Oct 01st 2021
Oct 06th 2021
The Gold Expereince to New Power Soul is underrated
Oct 06th 2021
underrated maybe, but not a classic streak
Oct 07th 2021
      I said underrated, not classic.
Oct 07th 2021

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