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Thu Jan-07-21 03:09 PM

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"recommend a personal favorite"


So that we can all put on our headphones and tune out the world for an hour...

Name one record, a personal favorite, that you wish more people knew about. Old or new, any genre, popular or obscure, doesn't matter -- just one record that you go back to again and again and that feels a bit like a secret, like "why doesn't everyone keep this in their back pocket?"

My pick today: Valerie June - The Order of Time

I could wax poetic about this record all day but I won't (at least not right now). All I'll say is that there is something really warm and rich and comforting about the record, and June has a knack for both the particularities of the mundane and the cosmic, both in lyrics and in music. Even where the lyrics are on the sadder end of things, every song here just seems to float and drift and it asks you to float and drift with it. And June's unorthodox vocals give it a quality both palpable and mysterious.

I find myself going back to it time and again since its release in 2017 and every time I wish more people knew about it.

I don't think there's a single track on here I ever skip but my favorites are probably the opener "Long Lonely Road," "Love You Once Made" (I've put that on repeat on more than one occasion, I wish it just hung out with the closing refrain for 20 minutes), the Escher-like "If And," "Astral Plane" and "Slip Slide On By."

I'll throw "Two Hearts" in there as a masterclass in building up a song gently and with so much subtlety that where it ends seems completely different from where it begins, and yet there's no pinpointing how it got there...

I could go on.

Just go listen to the whole album now. It's impeccably produced so put on some good headphones for it. Sink into it. Then come back and share one of your favorite records so I can stop doomscrolling for a bit...


~ i could still snort you under the table ~


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recommend a personal favorite [View all] , thebigfunk, Thu Jan-07-21 03:09 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
Median - How Big Is Your World
Jan 07th 2021
Oh this is beautiful. Didn't even know he dropped an album.
Jan 07th 2021
He dropped 2
Jan 07th 2021
      Word thanks. I'll do some digging.
Jan 07th 2021
           RE: Word thanks. I'll do some digging.
Jan 07th 2021
                Got curious if it was still out there, here’s the EP
Jan 07th 2021
                     Damn man. Thanks for all this.
Jan 07th 2021
                          No problem, yeah I think Median’s releases went under the radar
Jan 08th 2021
                               after Tigallo & Pooh, Median was the only JL MC I dug
Jan 08th 2021
                                    LEGACY definitely had his moments IMO
Jan 08th 2021
                                         forgot about Chaundon, he was nice too
Jan 09th 2021
                                              RE: forgot about Chaundon, he was nice too
Jan 09th 2021
LOL...breh, we > < today
Jan 07th 2021
Lol, Fresh Breath was a great one too
Jan 07th 2021
      yeah, it's hard for me...
Jan 07th 2021
listening to the whole Median's Relief lp now
Jan 08th 2021
      Yeah he only put out 2 1/2 projects, but never heard him on a bad beat
Jan 08th 2021
Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left / Bryter Layter / Pink Moon
Jan 07th 2021
thanks so much for mentioning drake
Jan 12th 2021
      RE: thanks so much for mentioning drake
Jan 12th 2021
Median - Fresh The Sender album....
Jan 07th 2021
100% galcher
Jan 07th 2021
nice pic
Jan 12th 2021
Jeremy Steig - energy
Jan 08th 2021
Cocaine 80s
Jan 08th 2021
Sorry - you said record and I named an artist/group lol.
Jan 08th 2021
Baby Rose - To Myself
Jan 08th 2021
some great recommendations here
Jan 08th 2021
Zo! & Tigallo- Written All Over Your Face
Jan 08th 2021
man Love The 80s was a MOMENT
Jan 08th 2021
      I loved that project
Jan 08th 2021
           I put it on today for the first time in a few warm
Jan 08th 2021
                me too, that's how it was fresh in my mind
Jan 08th 2021
                     Zo doesn't seem to be interested to do anymore non original work
Jan 08th 2021
                          they would kill I'm Dreaming by Christopher Williams
Jan 08th 2021
Elucid - Save Yourself
Jan 08th 2021
Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix
Jan 08th 2021
MUTINY "Semi-First Class Seat" (1980)
Jan 08th 2021
This is great, thanks!
Jan 09th 2021
      gloriously noisy is a great way to describe it.
Jan 09th 2021
Ian Kamau 'Vol. 3 Love and Other Struggles'
Jan 09th 2021

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