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Subject: "Is it me, or is up tempo R&B rare these days?" Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon Dec-21-20 11:35 AM

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"Is it me, or is up tempo R&B rare these days?"



As a person raised on New Jack Swing, the music I miss the most is up tempo "fast" R&B songs. R&B songs you can dance to. This weekend I was playing a lot of tracks like this:

Frank Ocean - Songs for Women

Lucky Daye - Late Night

and my favorite party starter

John Legend - Green Light (Official Video) ft. André 3000

It seems like Usher and The Weeknd are the only cats who consistently drop up tempo tracks but it seems like you don't hear a lot of it on the radio these days.

Now there are plenty of Hip-hop songs with singers and R&B vibes and Pop songs by black and white artist like Doja Cat but I guess I am not counting that as R&B (I may be splitting hairs). For example, is Get Lucky by Daft Punk an R&B song? Which reminds me there are a few retro white boy acts like Tuxedo and Mayer Hawthorne who do uptempo R&Bish songs, but am I missing something or am I right that there isn't a lot of uptempo R&B being churned out these days?

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Is it me, or is up tempo R&B rare these days? [View all] , Buddy_Gilapagos, Mon Dec-21-20 11:35 AM
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Is it me, or is R&B rare these days?
Dec 22nd 2020
Its funny because I think that's the right question.
Dec 22nd 2020
I think this is it....
Dec 22nd 2020
It's you.
Dec 22nd 2020
R&B is better than ever...
Dec 29th 2020
I have skimmed and my first reaction is, nice but is there anything I ca...
Jan 22nd 2021
      BTW, Sault did have some funkier dancable tracks on their earilier Album...
Jan 22nd 2021
           You might wanna revisit Rise.
Jan 22nd 2021
                I guess you are right. Mostly uptempo
Jan 25th 2021
Seems blurred by Pop.
Jan 09th 2021
NJS is one of my favorite eras in music
Dec 22nd 2020
Couple reasons for that.
Dec 22nd 2020
Real interesting points
Dec 22nd 2020
This is interesting. Thanks.
Dec 23rd 2020
The bands you listed are talented, though I haven't heard them all.
Dec 23rd 2020
      RE: The bands you listed are talented, though I haven't heard them all.
Jan 09th 2021
interesting take.
Dec 23rd 2020
To Me R&B Is Mostly "Rhythm & Trap" Now
Dec 31st 2020
every once in a blue moon
Jan 07th 2021
Great points in here. Also, artists don't really make albums any
Jan 25th 2021

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