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Subject: "Aside from the very nice acapella snatched from a Supremes" Previous topic | Next topic
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36. "Aside from the very nice acapella snatched from a Supremes"
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DVD Universal Music put out a few years ago...

What they mean by "what we thought was 'Diana Ross & the Supremes' was really 'Diana Ross & the Andantes'" is that, as opposed to actually using Mary and Cindy to sing the backups on the singled recorded after Ross was given top billing in June 1967, the backups are by the Motown in-house session singers The Andantes.

The Andantes (Google them) sung on thousands and thousands of Motown records, singing backup for Marvin Gaye ("I Heard It Through the Grapevine"), The Four Tops (all of their major hits), and so on. Motown had already been using them to mask the fact that the Marvelettes couldn't harmonize, and now that Gordy wanted to take Ross solo, he was desperate to (a) come up with a hit single for Ross and (b) make sure those pesky Supremes weren't on it.

Mary and Cindy still appear on some of the album tracks, and on everything the group did on their Temptations duet recordings (such as "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me"). But the Supremes' own singles:

Forever Came Today
Some Things You'll Never Get Used To
Love Child
The Composer
I'm Livin' in Shame
No Matter What Sign You Are
Someday We'll Be Together (with backups actually by the Waters sisters, not the Andantes)

are essentially Diana Ross studio recordings. And that list actually comprises all of their singles released in 1968 and 1969.

When she finally went solo in 1970 ("Someday We'll Be Together" was supposed to be her solo debut, but given that title they couldn't help but use it as a Diana Ross & the Supremes swan song), there was no need to change personnel. Business as usual.


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how much of what folks say about diana ross is true? [View all] , Joe Corn Mo, Sun Feb-10-13 07:46 PM
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What's the Motown 25 story?
Feb 10th 2013
she ran roughshot over mary wilson
Feb 10th 2013
Feb 11th 2013
      Looks like Mary was trying to upstage Diana
Feb 11th 2013
           or Mary was acting like 1/3 of the Supremes
Feb 11th 2013
           i liked the way you phrased that.
Feb 11th 2013
           i bet Mary would agree too.
Feb 11th 2013
Feb 11th 2013
           Nicely put.
Feb 12th 2013
           This is what Mary (and Cindy, she was in on it too) intended.
Feb 14th 2013
           Maaaan and there's no video of this????
Feb 11th 2013
                Google it.
Feb 11th 2013
                Saw it and yeah, they must have edited the hell out of it because I
Feb 11th 2013
                Yeah, locked deep - DEEP - within the de Passe Jones Ent. vaults
Feb 14th 2013
she was tough and held her own
Feb 10th 2013
B. Touch? The nigga in GD hating the holy out of The Wiz? epiphany.
Feb 11th 2013
I'm not hating on The Wiz. It's not a good film.
Feb 14th 2013
i believe much of it.
Feb 11th 2013
There was very little "someone else" when it came to Diana.
Feb 14th 2013
I remember hearing on one tour, they instructed all stage hands
Feb 11th 2013
I heard the same eye thing with Lauren Hill....
Feb 11th 2013
i've heard it for all major celebrities.
Feb 11th 2013
      SHIT.....I just remembered, even this celebrity who worked at E! with
Feb 11th 2013
           it's bullshit.
Feb 11th 2013
           no!!!!!!! not olivia munn
Feb 12th 2013
                Why's that so hard to believe?
Feb 12th 2013
                its not, but i like her doe
Feb 13th 2013
                She kind of looks like she can be a bitch though
Feb 12th 2013
Gordy and his then-new Creative Assistant, Suzanne de Passe
Feb 14th 2013
Call Her Miss Ross
Feb 11th 2013
that was foul.
Feb 12th 2013
Monique? @ 28 sec mark
Feb 14th 2013
RE: Call Her Miss Ross
Feb 14th 2013
Can someone explain what this video means?
Feb 14th 2013
*pulls up to po(a)st in a Cadillac*
Feb 14th 2013
you rock.
Feb 15th 2013

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