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Mon Jul-16-12 12:09 AM

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"De La Soul's CROCKER sample and more (links)"


This Kojak Record is all over Dead La Soul is Dead.

Side A: Kojak :Five Star Final:

Soundcloud 1:10 - The "Beep." I think most Peter Pan records used this same tone.

Soundcloud 1:30 - The ambulance whine at seems familiar - I can't place it.

Soundcloud 8:55 - "You think you're pretty smart, do you know why no one touches us? Because we stay small" <-What song is this from?

Soundcloud 10:22 - First seconds of "Intro" on De La Soul is Dead
Side B: Kojak: A Question of honor

Soundcloud 10:23-
Sampled in: De La Souls "Let, Let Me In" (CD time 2:56) "What's This In You pocket, The bulge" "Harry Let me See It" and "Let Me See Gun Harry I want to See if it's been fired" "Why are you complaining, I've always given you a piece of the action."

Soundcloud 16:52 : The "Crocker" sample from De La Soul is Dead. Not said BY Kojak, but by Crocker identifying himself on the phone.

Soundcloud 19:20: First seconds of "Intro" on De La Soul is Dead


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De La Soul's CROCKER sample and more (links) [View all] , handle, Mon Jul-16-12 12:09 AM
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Two things
Jul 16th 2012
damn, this is an ill sequel to this post
Jul 16th 2012
3 Strikes was produced by SD50
Sep 24th 2017
"Ever see that scene in Scanners when that dude's head blew up?"
Jul 16th 2012
Jul 16th 2012
just a thought
Jul 16th 2012
what do you know about music hamster penis? put the tape back in nasal w...
Jul 16th 2012
Sep 20th 2017
Aug 25th 2017
RE: De La Soul's CROCKER sample and more (links)
Sep 20th 2017
May 14th 2021
totally missed this in 2012. haha
Jun 13th 2021

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