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Subject: "Armchair A&R: Whitney Houston 2.0 needs you to be her Clive Davis" Previous topic | Next topic
-DJ R-Tistic-
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Tue Apr-10-12 04:08 PM

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"Armchair A&R: Whitney Houston 2.0 needs you to be her Clive Davis"



Imagine that today, you have Whitney Houston 2.0 on your hands...she's 19, looks and sounds exactly like Whitney did when she first came out.

What direction do you set her in? Would you get the writers and producers who you feel would make the best Black-Soulful music? (Badu, Ledisi)
Or the best Modern/Trendy R&B music? (Beyonce, Mary J, Keri)
Or in the Adele lane?
Or all the way on the Top 40 and EDM side? (Gaga, Katy Perry)
Would it be a good balance of the three? (Usher, Chris Brown, Rihanna)

Who'd you go to for her 3-4 potential singles? Would you throw a rapper or Pop/R&B singer guest on it?

How far would you go with her image? Would you have her come out with a slight naive/innocent vibe as she did in the 80's, or a slight edge with SWV in 92-ish themes that aren't too blunt/direct? Or would she be all the way Rihanna with it (I wanna fuck you right now)?

Would you use her ballads to be singles, or would they remain as album cuts?

Are there any songs in the last 2-3 years that you can picture as being the same exact vibe/energy as what you'd want from her singles? Whether it's "Love on top" "Rolling in the deep" or "Give me everything?"

Keep in mind, that the company is going to be on your head if she doesn't sell, because she has the talent package that should put her on top of the game if executed right. But how would you play it in this day and age? Do you feel that she could use the same lane as artists who haven't been successful, and out do them b/c of her voice and look, or would it limit her?

You can go as deep and detailed as you'd like, or just drop a few lines.


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Armchair A&R: Whitney Houston 2.0 needs you to be her Clive Davis [View all] , -DJ R-Tistic-, Tue Apr-10-12 04:08 PM
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was there a Whitney 1.0?
Apr 10th 2012
Yep. I's completely hypothetical
Apr 10th 2012
      if there's already been a Whitney then i'd probably pass on 2.0.
Apr 10th 2012
           not entirely
Apr 10th 2012
           yeah there are ppl like that.
Apr 10th 2012
                RE: yeah there are ppl like that.
Apr 10th 2012
                     in 2012 it takes more than a pretty face and a good voice.
Apr 10th 2012
                          agree to disagree
Apr 10th 2012
                               i dont' agree.
Apr 11th 2012
           Um I'm pretty nostaglia is one of the most widely used marketing
Apr 10th 2012
                Lady Gaga reminds us of Madonna.
Apr 10th 2012
have her work with R.kelly, Lionel Richie, babyface
Apr 10th 2012
I know its kind of sad I've been watching some American Idol
Apr 10th 2012
You got some videos of her?
Apr 10th 2012
RE: You got some videos of her?
Apr 11th 2012
that girl can sing
Apr 10th 2012
Wasn't Mariah Carey A Whitney Houston 2.0?
Apr 10th 2012
yeah she was the oreo to Whitney's
Apr 10th 2012
      Crazy that Mariah had more Black upbeat jams though
Apr 11th 2012
           Her first 3 albums used them regularly as singles.
Apr 11th 2012
           i'd take whitney's thinking about you off her first album
Apr 11th 2012
Whole LP produced/written by The Black Keys and DangerMouse
Apr 11th 2012
Interesting. What are some links of the Black Keys music?
Apr 11th 2012

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