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Subject: "yeah its been clowned for a couple years now." Previous topic | Next topic
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Tue Mar-27-12 07:18 AM

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6. "yeah its been clowned for a couple years now."
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the makers of it come on every producer board and promote it like its gonna be the mpc killer and it ends up backfiring on them.

IMO it looks like there are a few things nice about it like the dual sd cards, battery capable.

But I've heard the sequencer is a joke and whats up with only 1 set of midi i/o ports and the worst thing period is the fact it only has one set of outputs..that is toy status in the professional realm of beatmaking.



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ya'll seen this new piece of gear by Dallas Austin called 'Beat Thang'? [View all] , judono, Sun Mar-25-12 12:12 PM
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another vid
Mar 25th 2012
has anybody ever messed with one of these?
Mar 26th 2012
the thing is a joke. pick any producer praise all clownin'
Mar 27th 2012
      i thought the piece looked kind of ill on the low... for a drum machine
Mar 27th 2012
I'd buy the software version for my lil brother, or a young cousin
Mar 27th 2012
RE: yeah its been clowned for a couple years now.
Mar 27th 2012
*checks price*
Mar 27th 2012
Why not buy a drum set, congas, and bongos?
Mar 27th 2012
There's a Joss Stone (or UAE prison) joke somewhere in here
Mar 27th 2012

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