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Wed Mar-21-12 11:03 PM

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"Rosa Parks Recording & Mixing Appreciation"



I want to discuss the greatness that is Rosa Parks and more specifically the ending of the song when there are multiple layers going on.

All at the same time you've got;
-the hook
-Dre saying "lackalackalackalacka backalackalackalacka"
-Big Boi saying "get back, get back, get back"
-Dre and vocalists singing "ahh haa, baaaby, baaaby, ahh haa" (might not be exact but you know)

the track is beautifully layered and mixed. joints on the radio nowadays are as stripped down and simplistic as possible, and Rosa Parks was the exact opposite.

Big Boi kills it. Dre absolutely destroys it.

The breakdown section with the harmonica is dope as well…but the layered vocals at the end is what gets me every time.

Are there any other examples of this in Hip-Hop?

on a side note: I remember recording back in the day and explaining to my boy how we never did anything to that effect and we kept it too safe etc etc and his response was "if I got in the booth and was like "backalackalackalacka" you would tell me to stop the dumb shit and would erase it" and he was exactly right.

That was and is the beauty of Outkast. They pushed the envelope and executed every time. They knew that Andre saying that dumb shit was dope as hell and made it all work.


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Rosa Parks Recording & Mixing Appreciation [View all] , Anonymous, Wed Mar-21-12 11:03 PM
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i've got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to say about this track..
Mar 22nd 2012
RE: i've got ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to say about this track..
Mar 22nd 2012
      Yeah man
Mar 22nd 2012
bomb squad mixing and layering better
Mar 22nd 2012
maybe beat-wise, i'm discussing vocally
Mar 22nd 2012
huh? megablast chuck and flav are rappin' same time, panned left and rig...
Mar 22nd 2012
      not sleeping because they were dope as hell and
Mar 22nd 2012
lol, nigga why?
Mar 23rd 2012
the end of Common's 'Faithful'
Mar 22nd 2012
that is actually my favorite part of the entire album
Mar 22nd 2012
^^ this is a great one
Mar 22nd 2012
Mar 22nd 2012
it is some beautiful shit
Mar 22nd 2012
Dont forget the harmonica solo that was dope.
Mar 22nd 2012
Mar 22nd 2012
Mar 22nd 2012
hands down one of my favorite 'Kast songs
Mar 22nd 2012
bay-bay, yeah yeah, un huh, UN HUH
Mar 22nd 2012
the end of B.O.B. is great too
Mar 22nd 2012

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