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Madvillain 626
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Thu Mar-08-12 06:01 AM

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"Lil B - God's Father "
Thu Mar-08-12 06:02 AM by Madvillain 626



Yep, this may just be the best Based God project yet. Better than 6 Kiss, better than the Flame series, better than anything he's released in the past year.

34 tracks, just under 2 hours.

The production is conistently amazing, and lyrically you get a mix on Lil B styles. If you're into Lil B just spitting, like on "Based for Your Face" or "Age of Information", there's plenty of that on here. So many sample choices on this that are just grin inducing and awesome. He spits over Three 6's Late Night Tip, Aaliyah, Hall and Oates, M83, etc.

This will definitely hold me down through Summer.

If life is stupendous one cannot also demand that it should be easy. - Robert Musil


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Lil B - God's Father [View all] , Madvillain 626, Thu Mar-08-12 06:01 AM
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Nice one mate...
Mar 08th 2012
Better than I'm Gay (No Homo)?
Mar 08th 2012
Yup. A large bulk of it is in that vein
Mar 08th 2012
      gonna check this out then... I'M GAY was the shit.
Mar 08th 2012
Yup. It's a GREAT mixtape
Mar 08th 2012
really maaaaaan?
Mar 08th 2012
i'm finna hurt something. all yawl OKPS happy w/ killing hiphpop?
Mar 08th 2012
      RE: i'm finna hurt something. all yawl OKPS happy w/ killing hiphpop?
Mar 09th 2012
      This sincere seriousness is why hip-hop needs to die, lol.
Mar 09th 2012
           *does bogle dance to this reply*
Mar 09th 2012
I'm really feeling this wave
Mar 08th 2012
Oh this is so GREAT
Mar 08th 2012
I happen to think Blue Flame is his best collective work but this is clo...
Mar 08th 2012
Yup. Im partial to Everything Based personally.
Mar 08th 2012
#TINYPANTS n/m lol...
Mar 08th 2012
this shit is wild
Mar 08th 2012
i like the name of it. i laughed when i saw it yesterday on
Mar 08th 2012
downloading just based (pun intended) on the name
Mar 08th 2012
the juxtaposition of what he's saying over 'Rock The Boat' is killing me
Mar 08th 2012
keep it 100
Mar 08th 2012

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