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Mon May-22-23 12:59 PM

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"Partner shaming on social media"


why do people do this unless the plan is to get them to break up with you?

Do they think their SO will hop online and see their partner shaming them and say “I have to be a better partner”

just watched a woman take shots at her dude for 3 weeks with memes and “another lonely saturday” post and now she updates with “So you dumped me because I had a few bad weeks”

Nothing wrong with venting but venting publicly for all to see? Not a good idea

They need to hit up these Confession Wednesday’s

TBH the fact that you're even a mod here fits squarely within Jag's narrative of OK-sanctioned aggression, bullying, and toxicity. *shrug*


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Partner shaming on social media [View all] , legsdiamond, Mon May-22-23 12:59 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
this why you cant date a social media addict
May 22nd 2023
I want to tell folks to chill on FB
May 22nd 2023
just saw an IG video of this popular travel vlogger breaking up
May 22nd 2023
a dumb ass self destructive strategy
May 22nd 2023
I’m mad at my SO. Let me tell the whole world they aint shit
May 22nd 2023
      I remember posting some lyrics once in the Myspace days
May 23rd 2023
      these days its mandatory to ask someone how they navigate on SM
May 23rd 2023
           Yo, I never really thought about that, but you right.
May 24th 2023
                real spend hours and hours a day on the edge of your seat
May 24th 2023
                     airing out friends and fam is the worst!!
May 24th 2023
adults actually do that?
May 22nd 2023
I've come to learn that some ppl really don't mind mess/dysfunction.
May 23rd 2023
when things are calm they get uncomfortable
May 23rd 2023
May 25th 2023
I think folks who IG Live stream are mostly weirdos
May 23rd 2023
this is it
May 23rd 2023
I’ll never forget a car doing 15mph on the highway
May 23rd 2023
I hate it passionately.
May 23rd 2023
IG live is for total narcissists
May 23rd 2023
      I think IG "reaction videos" are even more narcissistic
May 24th 2023
           why is your face.. “all in the video”
May 25th 2023
RE: Partner shaming on social media
May 24th 2023

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