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Subject: "man I would definitely be one of those nightmare bosses" Previous topic | Next topic
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Wed Nov-30-22 05:04 PM

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2. "man I would definitely be one of those nightmare bosses"
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People stay fucking shit up at work after i spoonfeed them the info, and then I have to be the one that wears the dressing down from the customer like im the one that fucked it up. I'm a perfectionist when money is at stake. I do not fuck up. Ever. I pride myself on that. Not a top performer, but THE top performer.

And my boss is talking about some "well everyone makes mistakes, it's part of the job"

I couldnt help myself I looked at him like

Boss: "Ok well you don't make mistakes. But everyone else does so you have to live with it and stay on your toes"

And I just don't know how he can shrug that shit off like that. These white folks really cannot fathom the level black people operate in the work place to get to where we are at.

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** CONFESSION WEDNESDAY ** [View all] , Geah, Wed Nov-30-22 10:14 AM
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I need to spot eating at my desk (I WFH). I just spilled pop all over my
Nov 30th 2022
i dont know if i would be a nightmare boss
Nov 30th 2022
      see this would have me furious
Nov 30th 2022
      yeah i laugh it off but its a big reason why i do want to get out of her...
Dec 01st 2022
      one of the many communications issues at the job,
Dec 05th 2022
           what bugs me more is that they respond so quick to meaningless emails
Dec 05th 2022
The payscale adjustment at my job excludes ppl @ the director level or a...
Nov 30th 2022
One more day before my vacation starts
Dec 01st 2022
i might actually need to look at new housing
Dec 01st 2022
8 years without a rent increase? shit
Dec 02nd 2022
      I know right?
Dec 02nd 2022
           yeah.. I’m not replacing ceiling fans in a rental
Dec 02nd 2022
                I'm weird and contradicary
Dec 02nd 2022

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