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Mon Nov-14-22 11:41 AM

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"3 University of Virginia football players killed in shooting; student su..."
Mon Nov-14-22 11:58 AM by ThaTruth


3 University of Virginia football players killed in shooting; student suspect in custody, police say

3 University of Virginia football players killed in shooting; student suspect in custody, police say
John Bacon
Charles Ventura
Jane Onyanga-Omara

The University of Virginia lifted a campuswide lockdown Monday, hours after three students were killed and two injured in a shooting rampage on a charter bus that had returned from a field trip, authorities said.

The suspect, a student at the elite, 22,000-student school, was taken into custody Monday, authorities said.

Killed were D’Sean Perry, Lavel Davis Jr., and Devin Chandler, all of whom play football at the school, Ryan said. The search for the shooter drew a shelter-in-place order that lasted about 12 hours.

"This is a sad, shocking and tragic day for our UVA community," President Jim Ryan said at a press conference Monday.

Police said a shooting was reported at about 10:40 p.m. Sunday on the northern edge of campus, tweeting: "UVA Alert: ACTIVE ATTACKER firearm reported in area of Culbreth Road. RUN HIDE FIGHT."

Ryan said counseling and psychological services would be made available to students. Classes were canceled Monday, as was a UVA basketball game.

“This is a message any leader hopes never to have to send, and I am devastated that this violence has visited the University of Virginia,” Ryan wrote in an open letter shared on social media. “This is a traumatic incident for everyone in our community.”

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives said agents were assisting in the investigation. Gov. Glenn Youngkin said State Police were coordinating with local authorities, adding that he and his wife, Suzanne, were "praying for the UVA community."

Who is shooting suspect Christopher Darnell Jones Jr.?
Christopher Darnell Jones Jr. was taken into custody Monday, police said during a news conference.

Multiple police agencies were searched on the ground and from a helicopter.

A photo of Jones tweeted by UVA police also appears on, where Jones was listed on the UVA football team roster in 2018. His profile says he was then a 5-foot, 9-inch, 195-pound first-year running back from Petersburg, Va., who did not appear in any games. It adds that he graduated from Petersburg High School after spending three years at Varina High School, where he was named Student of the Year as a freshman and sophomore, according to the profile.

Students huddle together, waiting for news
Rachel Mulvaney, 18, a first-year student in UVA's Batten School of Public Policy and Leadership, locked down in her dorm room. She said she first heard about the shooting when her mother called to make sure she was safe. A short time later she saw the school's alert that a shooter was on campus.

"I was terrified, it honestly didn’t hit me this could be real at first," she told USA TODAY in an email. "I had a hard time wrapping my mind around it and processing."

Students checked on each other to make sure friends and loved ones were safe, she said. And she is worried about the mental health of students.

"There is a heavy atmosphere of mourning. I’m praying for the victims’ families and the UVA football team. I’m worried about the mental health of students. How will we recover? What will moving forward look like? Confused and scared.

Luke, 21, a 4th-year student majoring in foreign affairs, biology and pre-med, was locked down at his girlfriend’s house with several other students "studying and just staying put." They listened to the police scanner for updates from the scene, less than a mile away.

"People have been locked down in libraries all night. Everyone (is) definitely shaken up," Luke, who preferred that his last name be withheld for privacy reasons, told USA TODAY in an email. "We are in deep prayer for the victims and for their families right now."

UVA shooting victims
All three victims were members of the University of Virginia football team. The victims were D'Sean Perry, Lavel Davis Jr. and Devin Chandler. The names of the two people who were wounded were not released.

Where is UVA located?
The university is located on 2,000 acres in Charlottesville, about 115 miles southwest of Washington and 70 miles west of the state capital of Richmond. The school was founded in 1819 by Thomas Jefferson, whose Monticello estate sits a couple miles off campus.

This is a breaking story. Follow USA TODAY for the latest updates.

"Take the surprise out your voice Shaq."-The REAL CP3


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3 University of Virginia football players killed in shooting; student su... [View all] , ThaTruth, Mon Nov-14-22 11:41 AM
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Fix the subject
Nov 14th 2022
is it not true?
Nov 14th 2022
this subject line sloppy as shit dawg...fix that shit...c'mon B....smh..
Nov 14th 2022
wonder what motivated this man to kill his teammates
Nov 14th 2022
Based on the suspect's dad, there was some bullying involved.
Nov 15th 2022
      yeah.. I wondered if there was some hazing going on
Nov 15th 2022
Breaks my heart
Nov 16th 2022
he shot one dude while he was asleep
Nov 17th 2022
It does have to do with a possible hazing Incident.
Nov 17th 2022
      You just don't have good critical skills.
Nov 17th 2022
           We don’t know that…so you’re assuming and guessing shit too.
Nov 17th 2022
           lmao.. buddy assumes Chapelle had sex with a transsexual
Nov 18th 2022
           How you going to equate speculating who Chappelle had sex with.
Nov 18th 2022
                it shows how far you are willing to go when it comes to speculating
Nov 18th 2022
           I am not assuming shit. Everything I said is sourced.
Nov 18th 2022
                ahh, so since you are both Kappas you have more information?
Nov 18th 2022
                i think you're taking the term "hazing" here VERY LITERALLY.
Nov 18th 2022
                     cnn said there was a hack investigation but witnesses wouldn’t
Nov 18th 2022
                          right. news outlets have been using it to imply bullying.
Nov 18th 2022
Nov 19th 2022
           Bruh.. this isn’t slandering the dead
Nov 18th 2022
                yeah dunno why Buddy going hard here.
Nov 18th 2022
                That's not Hazing.
Nov 18th 2022
                     Football is like a frat
Nov 18th 2022
                          The Killer was on the team in 2018. That year only.
Nov 18th 2022
                               CNN: Jones was also involved in a hazing investigation
Nov 18th 2022
                                    This isn't new information. Like I said in #15.
Nov 19th 2022
                                         why are you so invested about this being about Kappas and hazing?
Nov 21st 2022
                                              You are the one who keeps bringing up Hazing!
Nov 21st 2022
Nov 21st 2022
The university fumbled this big time.
Nov 17th 2022
Not a fan of “they could’ve stopped this”
Nov 17th 2022
All the facts aren’t out yet, and I’m sure we will get
Nov 17th 2022
Nov 17th 2022
      Any mention of a gun deserves immediate attention.
Nov 17th 2022
           4 college kids were found dead in Idaho.. stabbed to death
Nov 17th 2022
It's a really disturbing story...
Nov 18th 2022
so.. someone says he has a gun, he doesn’t cooperate
Nov 18th 2022
RE: so.. someone says he has a gun, he doesn’t cooperate
Nov 18th 2022
UVA has a really strick honor code.
Nov 21st 2022

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