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Thu Nov-17-22 04:56 PM

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36. "not necessarily being"metoo'd""
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Thu Nov-17-22 05:17 PM by Mynoriti



when he was young he got locked up for a rape accusation (i don't remember the story). but i wasn't necessarily referring to anything he did or was accused of.

but Patrice was pretty mysoginistic in a lot of ways, he was huge on free speech, and against any kind of language policing, he talked a lot of shit about political correctness (he died before 'cancel culture' and 'woke' were out there like that)

he was also buddies with alex jones, and pretty open to conspiracies. He'd talk alot of shit about obama, but would stop short because he felt weird siding with the people who just didn't like obama based on race (i think he hit that in elephant in the room)

i'm not saying he'd be hard right wing. its hard to picture him not supporting Kaepernick, or George Floyd. but i could easily picture him, say, taking a similar line as chappelle on the trans stuff even if he didn't go that hard.

I mean i think he was too smart to get fully sucked into the foxverse, or by a bunch of hacks whose only goal is to own the libs, but it's easy enough to picture him in that Rogan sort of lane. I legit have no idea how he would feel about Trump

and yeah of course i have no idea about any of it, because there's no way to know. I can only go off what we've seen from him


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Gallagher [View all] , handle, Fri Nov-11-22 12:51 PM
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Oh shit!
Nov 11th 2022
RIP, I used to watch his stuff and laugh as a kid
Nov 11th 2022
Patrice vs Gallagher on O&A was so epic
Nov 11th 2022
Patrice was the first to call him out. It was hilarious.
Nov 11th 2022
was so funny because Patrice came at him as fan
Nov 11th 2022
Nov 12th 2022
Damn I miss that dude. That dude being Patrice of course.
Nov 14th 2022
"he's the resident 'also'"
Nov 17th 2022
Used to catch his specials on Comedy Central after school.
Nov 11th 2022
He was a racist piece of shit. Fuck him.
Nov 11th 2022
is this is why he smashed Watermelons?
Nov 12th 2022
      lol Patrice said that too
Nov 12th 2022
What are the rules for RIP posts for racist?
Nov 12th 2022
don't ask don't tell
Nov 12th 2022
RE: fuck Gallagher /nmfm
Nov 12th 2022
delete this shit
Nov 13th 2022
As a Black kid in the south, a white man smashing watermelons never
Nov 14th 2022
MODS, can we change the subject line to remove RIP???
Nov 14th 2022
Lmao. A well deserved roasting.
Nov 17th 2022
I thought his jokes were hilarious as a kid.... had no idea he was racis...
Nov 14th 2022
man, fuck gallagher.
Nov 14th 2022
also had to remember when Gallagher walked out on Maron
Nov 14th 2022
Funny that he's talking about this with other racists.
Nov 14th 2022
Ant was racist. Opie was whatever
Nov 14th 2022
      Yea good call - I just lumped Anthony in, probably partly unfairly.
Nov 14th 2022
      Ant used to diss celebrity Trump, then became a Trumper
Nov 17th 2022
           What a fucking loser.
Nov 17th 2022
"Aww come on, Gallagher!" was my first thought when I saw the news
Nov 14th 2022
      Lol i had to pull up the actual clip
Nov 14th 2022
I love that this turned into a Patrice Oneal appreciation post. Lmao
Nov 17th 2022
Patrice didn't live long enough for people to turn on him
Nov 17th 2022
      Can you send that clip ? I'd love to see that.
Nov 17th 2022
      i *think* its this one but not sure
Nov 17th 2022
      RE: Patrice didn't live long enough for people to turn on him
Nov 17th 2022
      ladies? why can’t I sexually harass you?
Nov 17th 2022

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