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Tue Oct-11-22 08:48 AM

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"Local slang"


Do you still have it?

Still use words you grew up with that have friends laughing or saying “huh, what you mean?”

Have you adapted to your surroundings?

I went to LA years ago and they were doing the hand dap snap thing and my boy was like “they looking at you funny cause you didn’t do snap”

no shit, I aint from here, don’t want to fake it and look even worse.

its one of the reasons I loved college. All these people coming together and trading saying and slang.

I’m from the Burgh so we have Pittsburghese.
yinz = yall
pop = soda
buggie = shopping cart
warsh rag = wash cloth
dahntahn = downtown
chumpy = that could mean anything you have. Your hat, coat, girlfriend etc.. my homie made that one up or stole it from a rap song. On the way to school he was like “yo, Imma start calling my hat my chumpy yo” like he was Ghostface talking about Clarks… lol. and we all started running with it.

Growing up I didnt say most of that stuff because my mom was like “don’t say that shit” but when I go home I crack up because it sounds so refreshing and normal to me.

TBH the fact that you're even a mod here fits squarely within Jag's narrative of OK-sanctioned aggression, bullying, and toxicity. *shrug*


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Local slang [View all] , legsdiamond, Tue Oct-11-22 08:48 AM
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that's funny re: chumpie
Oct 12th 2022
I want to say it was the ERule video
Oct 12th 2022
even the slap / fistbump used to be a bit split by region and race in LA
Oct 13th 2022
      I used to hate it when somebody would slap down your bump
Oct 13th 2022
Oct 13th 2022
One of the things I hate about the internet and social media is that
Oct 12th 2022
this the one thing I couldnt stand about watching Flatbush Misdemeanors
Oct 12th 2022
man.. thats weebay.. lol.
Oct 12th 2022
      It's been a minute since I worked with kids in NY
Oct 12th 2022
also makes it easier for white assholes to abuse sayings much quicker
Oct 12th 2022
      yeah, this is my biggest beef too. they be getting too "familiar" with u...
Oct 14th 2022
           Bill Burr: I blame the Black person at a white party for saying woke too...
Oct 14th 2022
i had 2 close college friends in the early 90s from philly and they
Oct 12th 2022
jawn, boul, drawlin', & decent all stay in rotation.
Oct 13th 2022
I feel like younger people have their own language
Oct 13th 2022
I can tell an OG Charlottean..
Oct 13th 2022
House shoes = slides
Oct 14th 2022
seems texting has added a new component
Oct 14th 2022

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