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Subject: "RE: It won't. But I'm not fucking with living in a theocracy. " Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon May-09-22 08:40 PM

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5. "RE: It won't. But I'm not fucking with living in a theocracy. "
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>I'm married - we have no kids and don't plan on doing so. I
>also live in California, so things probably won't change much
>if at all here.
>While it being overturned wouldn't personally affect me though
>- the fact that ALL of this other shit is on the table because
>of some Handsmaid's Tale ass Supreme Court is beyond
>disheartening. Obviously, America has many, many flaws - but
>you HOPE that things progress and slowly get better - not go

I’ve felt like DT being prez was a sign of people wanting to roll shit back as far as possible before the dudes his age die. I didn’t think the witch was dead when he lost the re-election. I think I’m still trying to guess what the next wild shit will be and how rich folks will always somehow have a hint that average people don’t upfront. I try not to worry too much but sometimes I do.


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if Roe v. Wade is overturned, how will it affect your life? [View all] , tariqhu, Mon May-09-22 06:07 PM
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Married with two kids, a vasectomy and I live in California
May 09th 2022
It won't. But I'm not fucking with living in a theocracy.
May 09th 2022
It will, trust and believe.
May 09th 2022
      No, I do.
May 09th 2022
           Ask yourself: Has Putin ever called me a racist?
May 09th 2022
                I’m not sure what point you’re making.
May 10th 2022
                     >SPECIFICALLY Roe v Wade? Won’t affect me.
May 10th 2022
                          I mean, I’m pretty sure I said that.
May 10th 2022
I don't want to be an older man with a bunch of unwanted kids roaming th...
May 09th 2022
Roe v Wade is being dismantled on the right to privacy
May 09th 2022
agreed. it's bigger than abortion.
May 10th 2022
it'd really suck losing someone to an ectopic pregnancy
May 09th 2022
influx of medical refugees into my state
May 09th 2022
I have 2 daughters
May 10th 2022
I'm old now so not as much, when I was out there shooting up the club
May 10th 2022
I have two kids, so this could be a serious issue for them
May 10th 2022
nah, they assume they'll always be able to pay for illegal abortions
May 10th 2022
yeah, this
May 10th 2022
Yep. As I said, I doubt it. But I do agree.
May 10th 2022
Evangelicals and Conservative GOPers have been getting abortions
May 11th 2022
Married - Biggest Fear is Ectopic Pregnancy
May 11th 2022
To my understanding, Ectopic pregnancy falls under the exception
May 11th 2022
I wonder what else they can/will overturn?
May 11th 2022
Mitch McConnell talking about national abortion ban
May 11th 2022
going all out because they keep going unchecked
May 11th 2022
mental anguish…
May 11th 2022

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