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mista k5
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Thu Mar-24-22 04:16 PM

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25. "i sometimes wonder whats worse"
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your team not making it to the SB or making it and losing. i think losing in the SB must suck a lot BUT after a while you at least get to say they made it there. you at least had the joy of them making it to the SB.

you gotta hold on to whatever brings you some joy. hows poker going?

i played with some friends a few weeks ago. it went well but man i left some money on the table. i had a good 5/6 hand run where all i could do is win. then i thought i should chill when i started bluffing on some trash hands. i basically took myself out of the game only playing when i was big blind and there was no raise. i finally decided to make a push again and put some money in to make sure i wasnt being bluffed out, lost those chips and right after they say hey lets call it a night. couldnt you had called it a night before that hand??? lol i think before that hand i would have doubled my winnings.

all in all it was fun to play and it doesnt hurt to come out with more money than you went in with.

last week i was going to go to a poker event at this work convention but we had a dinner planned with a vendor and that ran right until the poker event finished. left me wanting to play. ah well.

i hope you catch some breaks.


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remember when the wildest shit ever could just be said? [View all] , PG, Wed Mar-23-22 01:22 AM
Subject Author Message Date ID
The internet was new... we didn't know many ppl believe the wild shit th...
Mar 23rd 2022
yeah cause let's face it people in the world have shown as much
Mar 24th 2022
not sure which internet you're referring to cuz wild shit is still said
Mar 23rd 2022
no you're entirely right
Mar 23rd 2022
Mar 23rd 2022
      all good brew...
Mar 24th 2022
           LOL I get it.
Mar 25th 2022
      so sorry for what you're going thru. ((((hugz))))
Mar 23rd 2022
           yeah that's what I need! thank you.
Mar 24th 2022
00s decade wild Wild West internet >>>
Mar 23rd 2022
team Kool Moe Dee
Mar 24th 2022
I will tell my grandkids lol
Mar 25th 2022
we have a mod who claims other people say wild shit..
Mar 23rd 2022
and yet you're still here so....
Mar 23rd 2022
weirdly enough, I don't think he's a bad mod
Mar 23rd 2022
      that nigga can’t do shit since he post the way he does
Mar 23rd 2022
           lol... nobody has to feed him.. I'm of two minds on this point
Mar 24th 2022
Mar 23rd 2022
Great piece. This line made me lol.
Mar 23rd 2022
      it is... had me asking "why not? you some kind of bot?" @ this line
Mar 24th 2022
there's a false pretense of "maturity" thats just fear of being exiled/f...
Mar 23rd 2022
yeah... well put... feign maturity.
Mar 24th 2022
People still say wild stuff and get protected.
Mar 23rd 2022
yeah see I'm not sure I even meant that type of thing
Mar 24th 2022
well some things just shouldnt be said
Mar 24th 2022
lol hey fam
Mar 24th 2022
           not making it imo
Mar 24th 2022
                they said we might play monthly
Mar 24th 2022
Wild time. But I appreciated the anonymity
Mar 25th 2022
Kids are still saying wild shit. We just older with more to lose.
Mar 29th 2022
I have young cousins complaining about not finding a job
Mar 29th 2022

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