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Subject: "Season Finale was one of the best hours in TV ever" Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon May-02-22 05:53 PM

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16. "Season Finale was one of the best hours in TV ever"
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They season built up everything that lead us to that final hour and the high stakes were earned. Sitting on the edge of my seat the entire episode. Ben Stiller is a hell of a director. Every actor was great.

It kind of reminded me of early Lost.

The show started a bit slow and the Petey stuff early on was the weakest part of the show, but it builds and you will watch the last 3 hours non-stop.

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Anyone watching Severance? (Apple+) [View all] , Bambino Grande, Fri Feb-25-22 01:16 PM
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RE: Anyone watching Severance? (Apple+)
Feb 28th 2022
sounds like it's right up my alley
Feb 28th 2022
      free 4 months of apple tv+ from target.
Feb 28th 2022
      I would suggest getting it for a few months and binging
Mar 02nd 2022
           This is exactly what I did…
Mar 02nd 2022
           Servant is still my fav show on Apple+
Mar 02nd 2022
           RE: I would suggest getting it for a few months and binging
May 03rd 2022
oowee ep 4 was goodt
Mar 07th 2022
Watched the first ep. it’s a really morbid concept lol
Mar 07th 2022
Its sort of a mood bummer, lol. But its well acted as shit, I dig it
Mar 08th 2022
Damn, this is a tough watch…
Mar 08th 2022
finale was fire
Apr 07th 2022
yes.. but moreso when they tell you why they aren’t watching
Apr 08th 2022
I'm rooting for all these characters* so hard.
Apr 08th 2022
So, my 3 free months of Appletv was up…
Apr 09th 2022
One of the best shows in recent years
Apr 09th 2022

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