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Subject: "I actually think "grift" is too light a label" Previous topic | Next topic
Boogie Stimuli
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Wed Jan-26-22 07:02 PM

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10. "I actually think "grift" is too light a label"
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Wed Jan-26-22 07:02 PM by Boogie Stimuli


>when I first saw the article, I was thinking the "Big Lie"
>was a reference to that "Trump Actually Won" shit. No, they
>were comparing a whole race/gender combo to Adolf Hitler.
>That's when I realized that this POV not only was this beyond
>the point of parody, it was a full-blown grift.

I definitely agree with your sentiment. Yet with "grift" being defined as 'petty, small scale swindling", for Jamilah to throw this kind of rhetoric into a sea of Karens is much more egregious than that. Not only have we seen how they call for our deaths currently, but we know the history of Black men being lynched to protect a phantom white female purity. What people like Jamilah and Brittney Cooper are doing is absolutely diabolical.

>Dave Chappelle is so far removed from the average Negro that
>using him as the example of "the average Negro" was ludicrous
>from jump. From a class perspective especially, but when you
>look at his upbringing it's very atypical.


>the Lemieux piece really gave me "Black Boogeyman" vibes and
>it sucks so many Black people are taking notes from D.W.
>Griffith nowadays when all you need to do is ask: "why are
>reactionary views and behavior so popular with the public?
>Even when the person is Black?"

They know white supremacists want to hear them disparage Black men. That's white supremacy's favorite pasttime, so of course white supremacy gives them an outlet for it. That's exactly how they define success/progress, so knowing why a system of white supremacy rewards their behavoir won't stop them. They've already submitted to it. If they were truly honest, they'd just say that.

Days like this I miss Sha Mecca


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The Black Boogeyman Lie (countering the Black Ass Lie) [View all] , Boogie Stimuli, Tue Jan-25-22 07:22 PM
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This board if filled with
Jan 25th 2022
I wish I could date a Black man confident enough to wear a dress
Jan 26th 2022
      Black liberals are BATSHIT crazy
Jan 26th 2022
      RE: I wish I could date a Black man confident enough to wear a dress
Jan 27th 2022
other ethnic groups thriving politically doesnt say what we think it doe...
Jan 26th 2022
Are you Black?
Jan 26th 2022
Torraine is a national treasure.
Jan 26th 2022
i love when Torraine pops up on the timeline
Jan 26th 2022
      let's move the camera out just a little bit....
Jan 26th 2022
      Beautifully worded
Jan 27th 2022
      Ah, I misunderstood your closing question.
Jan 27th 2022
      RE: I actually think "grift" is too light a label
Jan 26th 2022
y'all will do ANYTHING to not listen to Black women LOL
Jan 26th 2022
Im def not listening to black women who think writing *that* for vanity ...
Jan 26th 2022
coon ass tokens who cant think their way out a paper bag
Jan 26th 2022
show me critique of a black woman (about anything) that you agree with
Jan 27th 2022
lmao.. especially one written by a Black man
Jan 27th 2022
I listen to Black women daily
Jan 27th 2022
same propaganda from the reconstrcution era
Jan 27th 2022

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