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Subject: "funny, ironic observations - "not buying a Fender Electric" Previous topic | Next topic
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Sat Jan-08-22 11:19 AM

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"funny, ironic observations - "not buying a Fender Electric"



Things in the USA...hmmmm...don't look all that great...yes?

trumpy GOP seems like they are going further and further..2022 Midterms?

I was planning buying LOT's of musical instruments, musical equipment with my expected tax return money...but now...don't know about really engaging in some type of "entertainment plan/musical program" with a resurgent trumpy GOP getting stronger in this country.


Many folks got to "keep on" with their plans, hopes and dreams in the USA, no matter what happens politically...because they got to care for their families, build wealth, etc.

I don't have kids, either.

So..I was like:

"Man, some people trying to "get ahead in the USA" gonna have a tough time if the GOP really starts "Steve Bannon-ing" this country completely..."


"I'm not buying an electric bass I'm okay."


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funny, ironic observations - "not buying a Fender Electric [View all] , c71, Sat Jan-08-22 11:19 AM
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Buy that electric bass guitar
Jan 08th 2022
nah, that bass would be like a couple hundred bucks I might need
Jan 08th 2022
he gone slappa de bass mon!
Jan 08th 2022
      roots, rock, reggae!!!!
Jan 08th 2022
These are your best bars yet.
Jan 08th 2022
fuck a bass guitar for my 5 year old girl for christmas
Jan 08th 2022
bro the joy that you'll get from picking up a musical hobby at this age
Jan 09th 2022
smh at letting Trump steal your bass
Jan 09th 2022
if the bass would have been a "fraction" of the expected tax return $$$
Jan 09th 2022
      I mean.. if money is tight? I understand
Jan 09th 2022
           I was willing to almost go broke for music if I thought the USA was...
Jan 09th 2022
                well.. I wouldn’t suggest going broke for anything at this age
Jan 10th 2022
Deciding not to make music is about the worst response to Trump.
Jan 10th 2022
I'm making music - it's just without the bass, etc. it's "limited" to sa...
Jan 10th 2022
      Glad to hear it.
Jan 10th 2022
           I have keyboards and a that music sound "incomplete"
Jan 10th 2022
                strongly recommend picking one up.
Jan 10th 2022
Just get a used bass. They hold their value incredibly well...
Jan 10th 2022

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