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Fri Nov-19-21 12:11 PM

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"Car Recommendations?"



Sup OKP.

Your boy's Ford Fusion is ready to kick the bucket...well, not really, but it's leaking coolant left and right, and the fix for that is probably gonna be a bit pricey (read: gotta take a bunch of shit apart and find the leak then fix it). Plus, I don't feel that it's that safe anymore. It has poor headlights, and no matter what i do (new wipers, rain x fluid, etc) I feel like my windshield is never clear when rains and even worse when it's rainy and dark (which, it is right now...all the time). It's also due for 100K tune up, new now is a good time to find a new car. It's also 10 years old - we've had a good run and now also might be a good time to trade it in while it still has a bit of value.

I need some car recommendations. I'm looking new, though the right certified used car would make me think. I'm heavily eyeing Hondas (Accord Sport and Civic Sport) but I don't want to make a rash decision.

Also, i'm cheap. Like probably everyone, I want the lowest payment possible, so, are there any fire cars under 20K that I should be looking at?

I'm a big dude, so roominess is important. Also, need a good sound system (but that's something you can probably find as an add on at minimum, right?) and it'd be nice if it was fun to drive (handling more than acceleration if i had to choose).

I realize I probably can't get everything I want w/out just shelling out some cash, but I figured I'd get some takes from the folks here.




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Car Recommendations? [View all] , PROMO, Fri Nov-19-21 12:11 PM
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you got a couple of problems
Nov 19th 2021
i like the look of the honda civic hatchbacks...
Nov 19th 2021
based on your size.. I would suggest a slightly used Jeep Cherokee
Nov 19th 2021
did you mean grand cherokee?
Nov 19th 2021
      yeah, the big joint!
Nov 19th 2021
Honda Insight 25k new, 55/49mpg
Nov 19th 2021
Add 10k to your max and there might be some options
Nov 19th 2021
oh yeah, 20K ain't my max, 30K I know there's some options.
Nov 19th 2021
I just recently bought a 2018 Fusion SE with 25K miles for $18K
Nov 19th 2021
thank you for this. gonna check it out.
Nov 19th 2021
      that KIA stinger is tough too
Nov 19th 2021
      yeah, been eyeing that one since they came out.
Nov 19th 2021
      I didn't realize how spacious the new body style Fusions are either
Nov 20th 2021
           mid size now is what full size used to be
Nov 20th 2021
                Yeah and the car body itself is long
Nov 22nd 2021
                Yeah, the old Taurus platform was not space efficient
Nov 22nd 2021
buick supposedly fits big guys....
Nov 19th 2021
thanks Shaq!
Nov 19th 2021
I 2nd Legs’ rec for a Grand Cherokee…deals may be possible since
Nov 19th 2021
i'm not keen on an SUV per se...
Nov 19th 2021
      I have a 16 that I got in 18.
Nov 19th 2021
           not to sound all cliche but I really feel safer in an SUV
Nov 19th 2021
                i never liked SUVs until i had one
Nov 19th 2021
                I was surprised at how nice they are inside.
Nov 20th 2021
                     i was really close to trading in this traverse for new Long body Grand
Nov 20th 2021
                          those new Grands look great.
Nov 20th 2021
                               I have aTraverse Premiere redline. It has everything.
Nov 20th 2021
                                    I'm surprised the new grands cost more to have alladat.
Nov 20th 2021
Get this bad boy right here for me.
Nov 22nd 2021
you give me the 120 racks, i'll go pick it up and let you know...
Nov 22nd 2021
      yeah I am just looking for an excuse to talk about how nice that ride is...
Nov 23rd 2021
The used car market right now is NUTS.
Nov 23rd 2021
yup. i've basically convinced my boy that if he's gonna get a Benz...
Nov 24th 2021
Yeah same thing with my wife's car
Nov 29th 2021

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