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Subject: "I hate the post office. For years they have been bringing me other " Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon Nov-22-21 10:58 AM

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18. "I hate the post office. For years they have been bringing me other "
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peoples mail. I complained to several carriers and one even wrote on the envelope some code that was supposed to indicate the person doesn’t live there. The very next day a different carrier brought that same mail back WITH the code on it. THAT was in July. today I am looking at informed delivery and that same mail piece WITH the code on to is scheduled to be delivered today.

I complained to the “supervisor” (always someone different) at the local station more than once about this and other situations. One “supervisor” said he would have a postal bucket brought for me to drop mail for people not at my address into so the carrier can take it back.The bucket never came.

At one point I went went 9 days straight with no mail (complained about it here too) and when I finally got through to the post office first they said they didn’t have a key to the building to which I replied that I live in a house so that makes no sense, then they said my mail had a stop on it to which I informed them that I never put a stop on my mail. A year later when I actually did put my mail on hold because I was out of town, I got home and there was tons of mail - some for me, but most for people who don’t live there.

So … when I don’t put a stop on my mail it doesn’t come but when I do it does. I just generally hate the post office that serves my neighborhood.

Also, the people who used to live at my address are pretty stupid. The father’s property taxes still come to my house. He said he put in a change of address but every year his city property taxes come right along (separate envelopes) with mine WITH my address one it. The son, about 19 years old, apparently applied to college using my address. He is 19! They haven’t lived there for 2 years. Why did he submit his college application using my address!?! And the grandma seems to have never submitted any form of address change EVERYTHING of hers comes to my house from IRS letters to Medicaid stuff to catalogs.

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can the mods stop this specimen from replying to me
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you are truly a pathetic weak human being
Jan 13th 2022

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