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Subject: "I am the most tired I've been since the baby was born" Previous topic | Next topic
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Thu Nov-18-21 09:23 AM

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7. "I am the most tired I've been since the baby was born"
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This weekend I kicked my son out of his makeshift room and made him be roommates with his sister.

One of issues was he kept waking up in the middle of the night at least twice. Which is our fault, because we didn't do any real sleep training this go around and now dude is spoiled and wakes up and wants company.

My sleep has been in two hour blocks as a result. He wakes up at 11 and 2-3. I was going to bed sometime before or during that 11 block and waking up officially at 5.

For the last week I've gotten a full thing of sleep. Or at least 5-6 hours. Sometimes 8. But that has had the effect of what I'm guessing is my brain not just cranking up the adrenaline and muscling through life. I feel every single bit of my body and age right now and it's awful.

“There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn.” -Albert Camus


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** CONFESSION WEDNESDAY ** [View all] , Geah, Wed Nov-17-21 12:12 AM
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The performative “but Colin Kaepernick is still unemployed”
Nov 17th 2021
i havent started christmas shopping
Nov 17th 2021
I knocked 98% of mine out a week ago.
Nov 17th 2021
      i think all the shortage issues is putting a pressure on me
Nov 17th 2021
work things
Nov 17th 2021
men's room (ft tracy morgan)
Nov 18th 2021
Vegas has been fun
Nov 17th 2021
Why the Will Smith Book post get locked?
Nov 18th 2021
OKPs gonna OKP (aka Bamas gonna Bam)
Nov 18th 2021
there's already a post where the book is being discussed
Nov 18th 2021
      I didn't see any sneak dissing, but it was just getting corny if it's th...
Nov 18th 2021
      lmao.. promo’s joke wasn’t a sneak diss
Nov 18th 2021
There were two seperate posts, one had more posts
Nov 18th 2021
I mean, there was already a post about Will & Jada before that post but ...
Nov 18th 2021
      Just my guess on why the mods closed it
Nov 18th 2021
this CW will probably disappear now too lol
Nov 18th 2021
I hate the post office. For years they have been bringing me other
Nov 22nd 2021
Do you live in GA?
Nov 22nd 2021
      Atlanta and Charlotte had some of the worst District Managers
Nov 22nd 2021
can the mods stop this specimen from replying to me
Nov 22nd 2021
you are truly a pathetic weak human being
Jan 13th 2022

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