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mista k5
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Wed Nov-17-21 06:32 PM

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5. "work things"
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theres a coworker that im supposed to cover for in part since we are a small department. their work is nothing like my work, they do customer service/order entry. i do graphic design. i can kind of cover for them if everything happens in the way they explained it to me. so like 10% of the time.

we had some delays pop up on a new item that put the due date in jeopardy. while trying to figure out what to tell the customer regarding potential new dates they told me they were going to be out next wednesday. i told them me too, so they say "ugh i guess i can remote in and take care of it". they dont bother to let me know when theyre going to be out and are mad i cant cover for them? i have no idea when they requested the day off. as far as i knew they dont even have any time off left. mine was approved weeks ago so im good.

theyve been out/working from home for at least 2 full months this year with no consideration on if i needed to take off during that period.

a big part of the problem is with our boss but i do think they should at least give me a heads up on when they request time off if theyre expecting me to cover for them. i usually find out when i show up and theyre not here.

on a much different note, mens bathroom talk.

so weird. i dont like talking past a hi/whats up when in the bathroom. a nod is usually plenty.

i was in there earlier and another guy came in. as i was finishing up a third guy came in. one of them tells the other

"whats cant find it??"
"its okay i cant find my own"
"you need to borrow a magnifying glass??"
"nah i got zoom on my phone"

yes, 45+ year old dudes at work making penis jokes in the bathroom. i imagine women arent having these convos in the bathroom but maybe im wrong. not sure what a similar version would be for them lol

i wonder if this is a mexican thing, local thing or if its common for guys all over.


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** CONFESSION WEDNESDAY ** [View all] , Geah, Wed Nov-17-21 12:12 AM
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you are truly a pathetic weak human being
Jan 13th 2022

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