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Thu May-13-21 12:26 PM

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11. "RE: If you think gas is a crisis, wait until all the other... "
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>Holes in our infrastructure are under constant attack. Biden
>better be accelerating that infrastructure budget asap,cause
>motherfuckers about to be doing everything they can to get
>that quick $5M.

To my knowledge, Colonial Pipeline is a privately held company, not one run by the government. If that's the case, how much responsibility should the government hold for ensuring their cybersecurity is up to par?

I can't believe I'm going to sound like a right-leaning Republican on this issue, but there should be monetary limits to much more the government is re$pon$ible for footing the bills on this matter.

For publicly held and managed lands/utilities, that's a whole other separate matter IMO.

It should be interesting to see of Congress' perceptions changes as result of this pipeline attack regardless though.

"Sean sparks like John Starks, nah, Sean ball like John Wall" - Rest In Power Forever Sean Price.


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Colonial Pipeline Paid Hackers Nearly $5 Million in Ransom [View all] , Numba_33, Thu May-13-21 11:03 AM
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It's done a lot privately, but publicly for something...
May 13th 2021
A gas crisis would blow up the entire administration
May 13th 2021
      If you think gas is a crisis, wait until all the other...
May 13th 2021
           in Biden’s defense at least he has said the words Cyber Security
Jun 07th 2021
Probably happens OFTEN, but this time we found out early and publicly
May 13th 2021
It's fairly common.
May 13th 2021
This might be the "opportunity" for Biden to get his infrasture bill don...
May 13th 2021
ah yes, true. they better leverage this HOARD
May 13th 2021
It just happened to a school district around here (swipe)
May 13th 2021
Damn. They recruiting?
May 13th 2021
Ransomware is real. It wasn’t taken seriously years ago, so a lot of
May 13th 2021
Why aren’t more politicians talking about cyber security?
May 13th 2021
because it's an afterthought for many folks.
May 13th 2021
^ This here ^
May 15th 2021
they'd have to understand the internet first
May 13th 2021
coy once told Dad they wanted to go paperless
Jun 08th 2021
Cyberinsurance companies have been hinting about needing ransomware prot...
May 15th 2021
DOJ has recovered millions of dollars of crypto paid to hackers
Jun 07th 2021
Jun 07th 2021

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