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Subject: "Looks like we're about to panic buy our way into a gas shortage" Previous topic | Next topic
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Tue May-11-21 03:48 PM

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"Looks like we're about to panic buy our way into a gas shortage"



1st Gear: Gas Stations Are Running Out Of Gas On The East Coast

This is because the Colonial Pipeline was hacked last week and has been shut down since Friday. The expectation is that it might not be back online again until this weekend at the earliest, according to Bloomberg. When it’s operating, around 2.5 million barrels are shipped each day on the pipeline, which is America’s biggest and primarily serves the East Coast. Nearly half of all the East Coast’s gasoline, diesel, and jet fuel comes through the pipeline, meaning that its shutdown will have effects well beyond cars.

From Virginia to Florida and Alabama, fuel stations are reporting that they’ve sold out of gasoline as supplies in the region dwindle and panic buying sets in. The White House said it was aware of shortages in the Southeast of the country and was trying to alleviate the problem.

Four days into the crisis, Colonial Pipeline Co. has only managed to manually operate a small segment of the pipeline — as a stopgap measure — and doesn’t expect to be able to substantially restore service before the weekend. The risk is that by that point drivers or airlines may already be suffering severe fuel shortages, while refineries on the Gulf coast could be forced to idle operations because they have nowhere to put their product.

In Asheville, North Carolina, Aubrey Clements, a clerk at an Exxon Mobil Corp. station answered the phone with “Hello, I’m currently out of gas.” The Marathon gas station in Elizabethtown, North Carolina, had roughly two dozen cars waiting to fuel up, said an employee there.

Drivers pulling into a station with a sign offering unleaded gasoline for $2.649 per gallon in Manning, South Carolina, were met with pumps covered in yellow and red “out of service” bags. An estimated 7% of gas stations in the state of Virginia were out of fuel as of late Monday, according to GasBuddy analyst Patrick DeHaan.

“There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn.” -Albert Camus


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Looks like we're about to panic buy our way into a gas shortage [View all] , MEAT, Tue May-11-21 03:48 PM
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i work in this industry. there is no shortage
May 11th 2021
Panic buying
May 11th 2021
gas isnt toilet paper. nm
May 11th 2021
      It's still a supply chain issue.
May 11th 2021
           Care to put a little wager on this?
May 11th 2021
                What is that bet? That there won't be a fuel shortage?
May 11th 2021
                     Pipeline is operational therefore no shortage
May 11th 2021
                          I don't think the pipeline is the driver of the shortage. I think demand...
May 11th 2021
                          Yeah no, I don't think you get how panic shortages work.
May 12th 2021
                               Very few retail outlets will runout.
May 12th 2021
                               15% of Virginia gas stations are without fuel
May 12th 2021
                                    Some say 8%. That means 92% do.
May 12th 2021
                                    7 gas stations didn’t have gas in my area
May 12th 2021
                                         what does everybody need all this gas for??? Pandemic over??
May 12th 2021
                                              its the south.. Pandemic IS in some areas to hear them tell it
May 12th 2021
                                                   Shit's bananas...smh.. just read that pipeline will be back up midday...
May 13th 2021
                                                        Panic buying induces more panic buying.
May 13th 2021
May 12th 2021
is there something I can read that explains how oil pipelines work
May 11th 2021
Ironically my first job out of college was for an oil and gas pipeline
May 11th 2021
im in NC and witnessed these long lines first hand today...
May 11th 2021
got 2 and 1/2 electric fine either way
May 11th 2021
This u?
May 11th 2021
Lots of garages and sheds about to blow up in the southeast, then
May 12th 2021
North Carolina STAY over reacting to shit.....smh...
May 12th 2021
That’s because NC is in America
May 12th 2021
      America stay overeacting to shit....SMH...
May 12th 2021
Sadness from comedy
May 12th 2021
I hope they store that properly...
May 12th 2021
Good god.
May 12th 2021
It get stupider
May 12th 2021
      The link didn't work.
May 12th 2021
There will be those located in southern or rural areas
May 12th 2021
Why do you think southern or rural areas will react worst?
May 12th 2021
      because that is where the shortage is? NC declared a state
May 12th 2021
      You got people in LA, Chicago, and NYC who use driving services
May 12th 2021
Got more internal info...I take back everything I typed
May 12th 2021
Burn gas waiting in line to buy gas..... WPOTGIT??
May 12th 2021
there are lines everywhere in NC this shit is hilarious
May 12th 2021
The run on gas was unnecessary in this area (swipe)
May 13th 2021
May 13th 2021
Telling people not to panic is exactly how you get people to panic
May 13th 2021

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