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Subject: "More like I can see someone saying it's problematic. " Previous topic | Next topic
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Wed May-12-21 09:54 AM

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20. "More like I can see someone saying it's problematic. "
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Same way his vaccine episode could be seen as problematic. That is, him saying out loud on a big platform that he questions the vaccine and doesn't want to take it will get him in trouble with a certain set and not really towing the party line.

The thing is, Che sounds more in sync with regular black people not on twitter than a lot of black twitter.

I mean, look at these people who can not believe that he is not familiar with the term AAVE?

"Everyone has a plan until you punch them in the face. Then they don't have a plan anymore." (c) Mike Tyson

"what's a leader if he isn't reluctant"


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That Damn Michael Che [View all] , legsdiamond, Fri May-07-21 10:52 AM
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and used SNL Cecily Strong a lot..they write it together?
May 07th 2021
I liked it. I am sure he will piss some folks off.
May 07th 2021
i'm out the loop...what's this about? link?
May 07th 2021
Sketch show on HBO Max
May 07th 2021
I liked it
May 07th 2021
the whole episode in totality shows nuance
May 07th 2021
yeeeeeah, it's on the edge of being "too smart"
May 07th 2021
      I def thought the 1st ep was more smart than funny
May 08th 2021
           By episode 2 I was thinking the show should just lose the sketches
May 11th 2021
I like it a lot so far
May 08th 2021
the Sex Worker episode had me crine
May 08th 2021
i like it so far
May 09th 2021
He wasn't even clowning BLM
May 10th 2021
other episodes had me laughing out loud
May 11th 2021
The Prostate exam sketch was funny AF and problematic.
May 11th 2021
you nasty.. put my finger where?
May 11th 2021
you really thought it was problematic?
May 11th 2021
      I don't put a lot of stock into what Twitter niggas be saying honestly
May 12th 2021
           ^^^^^^This is the Michael Che appeal in a nutshell.
May 17th 2021
'what you on? lol'
May 11th 2021
'trash niggas can steal'
May 11th 2021
'trash niggas can steal'
May 11th 2021
so it’s the SNL ecosystem that makes these folks unfunny
May 16th 2021
i really enjoyed this
May 17th 2021
The barber shop shit had me hollering lol
Jun 06th 2021
honestly, this took me back to watching Chappelle Show in the basement
Jun 08th 2021

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