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Subject: "the invention of dual symbolism in our modern times is genus levels shit" Previous topic | Next topic
double negative
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Mon May-03-21 11:21 AM

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27. "the invention of dual symbolism in our modern times is genus levels shit"
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i'm never not amazed at....whatever the fuck this is when I see it. It's happening here.

It's when a some everyday act/word/symbol/statement is used to point to something devious and dark, but then the person who used the thing has every opportunity to deny the darker statement and lean back on the primary definition/associations of the object.

Then because the object (word, statement, symbol) is so ubiquitous it becomes a battleground for discussion in the culture war debates.

then, during the whole time, the person who first originally used the thing is able to keep both feet on two different islands of meaning. and it's done by simultaneously denying a second meaning while also positioning the dark statement as just joking/humor.

"The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist" - the big trick in all of this, is that we're all trying to act as if these meanings and interactions are just one to one, IRL and completely ignoring the part of living in a world thats on the internet and that the meaning of things has splintered because the language of internet culture is appropriation - so things are appropriated to be given new meaning by groups.


I genuinely like the beat for this because I'm hearing it from the hip hop, electronic music perspective.

Unfortunately, it's a nazi dogwhistle. Don't believe it? Breakdown here:

But, then, the meaning of clown world can also mean anything not going right in the world like, "the US and it's government have fucked up their Covid response...what a clown world"



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This Jeopardy Controversy is just downright embarrassing. [View all] , Buddy_Gilapagos, Sat May-01-21 11:09 AM
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this whole thing with the OK sign has always been stupid as fuck
May 01st 2021
May 01st 2021
should have done the melo "3 to the dome"
May 01st 2021
There is no cancel culture!
May 02nd 2021
Some of y’all are way too trusting in white innocence
May 02nd 2021
RE: Some of y’all are way too trusting in white innocence
May 02nd 2021
I don’t even think it’s worth all that discussion
May 02nd 2021
Ur not wrong. He could have used his first three fingers and didn’t
May 02nd 2021
So does that work. His plan was to win the first two matches and
May 02nd 2021
      How does what work? White stupidity and opportunism?
May 02nd 2021
      i wonder how some of these folks function lol
May 02nd 2021
      If he got to three, he wasn’t gonna let the opportunity pass.
May 02nd 2021
      lol yeah, i mean its not impossible
May 02nd 2021
           The former contestant world is small enough
May 02nd 2021
                do you want him to be a nazi?
May 02nd 2021
                     I don't think I could care less what he is
May 02nd 2021
                          fair enough
May 02nd 2021
                          couldn't agree more
May 03rd 2021
it seems Trump has made everyone worse
May 02nd 2021
NOPE. this is not a trump thing, Blame The Internet.
May 03rd 2021
      internets are worse too
May 03rd 2021
damn, OKP ready to let dude off the hook like that?
May 03rd 2021
I figured it was a matter of time before something like this happened
May 03rd 2021
This is really interesting - thanks for sharing the insider perspective....
May 03rd 2021
thank you
May 04th 2021
Of all the ppl who invaded the Capitol...
May 03rd 2021
75 mill voted for Trump..
May 03rd 2021
what are you saying?
May 03rd 2021
as if only REAL white supremacists invaded the capital only
May 03rd 2021
I’m shocked people in here don’t believe these folk are above trolli...
May 04th 2021

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