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Subject: "Bad Trip: Eric Andre/ Lil' Rell/Tiffany Haddish" Previous topic | Next topic
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Sat Apr-03-21 07:38 PM

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"Bad Trip: Eric Andre/ Lil' Rell/Tiffany Haddish"
Sat Apr-03-21 07:40 PM by Adwhizz



so this finally hit netflix after being delayed for a year

Seriously one of the best Black Comedies in quite some time

the best part of this are the non actors/extras

Don't want to spoil too much in the initial post but this hardest I've laughed in a while

It's basically the Eric Andre Show The Movie with Lil Rel and Tiffany Haddish instead of Hannibal Burrerss

R.I.P. Loud But Wrong Guy
Dec 29th 2009 - Dec 17th 2017


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Bad Trip: Eric Andre/ Lil' Rell/Tiffany Haddish [View all] , Adwhizz, Sat Apr-03-21 07:38 PM
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RE: Bad Trip: Eric Andre/ Lil' Rell/Tiffany Haddish
Apr 03rd 2021
Haven’t laughed this hard since Borat in theaters. watch it stoned plz
Apr 03rd 2021
Another vote to watch it while high
Apr 03rd 2021
Apr 04th 2021
“You know that’s not right...” 🤣🤣🤣😭
Apr 04th 2021
this shit was stupid
Apr 05th 2021
and how did they not get recognized?
Apr 05th 2021
      yeah, I side eyed that a bit with Haddish
Apr 05th 2021
      Eric Andre is kinda fringe, but every negro saw Get Out
Apr 05th 2021
           Lil Rel doesn’t really stand out in a crowd
Apr 05th 2021
                It's really hard spotting most celebs in real life.
Apr 05th 2021
                     There were times where I was watching and had to look for Rell
Apr 05th 2021
      I saw an interview/behind the scenes feature, they mainly tried to targe...
Apr 05th 2021
           Yeah the end credits/ bloopers show the multiple takes they had to do
Apr 05th 2021
i heard it was really good. gonna have to check it.
Apr 05th 2021
With this movie relatively blowing up
Apr 05th 2021
The fact they got 5 seasons was a small feat already
Apr 05th 2021
Shit was beyond wack, but why did Rel look like Sherman Klump?
Apr 05th 2021
Yeah, that was strange.
Apr 05th 2021
I laughed at it completely sober
Apr 07th 2021

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