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Subject: "Is it bad that I've never had a promotion?" Previous topic | Next topic
double negative
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Tue Mar-23-21 08:37 AM

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"Is it bad that I've never had a promotion?"



There was a time when I was seriously considering business school and one of the points in admissions was to talk about your career achievements like getting a promotion. I still think about that question.

I've been with the same job for five years now. I keep getting little bumps in pay each year, I make good money, but, I've never gotten a promotion. The situation is kind of weird, I'm the only one in this big global firm that has this job while in other companies, I would be a whole department. If I were to get a promotion here, it would just be "senior"+"job title" even though there is no ladder and I would be a senior at any other place. It would be a promotion to go up a level in compensation bands but not necessarily responsibility.

Over the past 7 years, I've gone up in pay year over year, some years as much as 40% and some years as little as 4%. Still...I wonder, is a lack of promotion a bad look?



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Is it bad that I've never had a promotion? [View all] , double negative, Tue Mar-23-21 08:37 AM
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I’ll take money over a title/promotion
Mar 23rd 2021
yeah a title/promotion is usually more responsibility and exposes you...
Mar 23rd 2021
      I prolly messed up
Mar 23rd 2021
It is - it means you have bad management
Mar 23rd 2021
its an element. I'm the odd man out.
Mar 23rd 2021
True, everybody needs a next level to strive for
Mar 23rd 2021
      nah, everybody doesn't want that.
Mar 23rd 2021
Generally, you want to show movement
Mar 23rd 2021
Depends on the company and role. Is there is a "Senior"
Mar 23rd 2021
There is no senior...there was no title before I was hired.
Mar 23rd 2021
Pay is short term, title is long term
Mar 23rd 2021
On linkedin, I already call myself "Senior_______"
Mar 23rd 2021
      That may be problematic
Mar 23rd 2021
           I hear you...
Mar 23rd 2021
Double edged sword.....
Mar 23rd 2021
Generally yes
Mar 23rd 2021
yup, one of the reasons I was able to move up
Mar 23rd 2021
      *pulls out hair*
Mar 23rd 2021

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