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Subject: "Election talk: What states do you think will flip?" Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon Sep-23-19 02:53 PM

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"Election talk: What states do you think will flip?"
Mon Sep-23-19 02:54 PM by PimpTrickGangstaClik



Do you see this election as in the bag? Which states will do it for the democrats?

The states at play seem to be

Trump 2016 wins:

Clinton 2016 wins
New Hampshire

When I look at it this way, I become very pessimistic about a democratic candidate's prospects. It doesn't matter if people in general don't like Trump.
The path to victory seems very narrow and runs through just a few states. Everything else is irrelevant.

Assuming Florida is a lost cause (never depend of Florida man), the democrat would have to win back all of Wisconsin, Penn, Michigan. And hold off flips of increasingly weak looking states like Minnesota and New Hampshire.

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Election talk: What states do you think will flip? [View all] , PimpTrickGangstaClik, Mon Sep-23-19 02:53 PM
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a bit early but i do think we will have some states flip blue
Sep 23rd 2019
definitely MI & WI if Bernie is the candidate
Sep 23rd 2019
Any of the top 3 will flip back Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan. A...
Sep 23rd 2019
Just means the states she won she won handily
Sep 24th 2019
I would love to put NC on this list... smh.
Sep 24th 2019
i dont see it BUT
Sep 24th 2019
I wonder if Michigan will flip partly due to Pence's motorcade.
Sep 24th 2019
Looking at this recent poll, it looks like Wisconsin is a lost cause
Feb 20th 2020
effe those cheeseheads
Feb 20th 2020
wisconsin just elected dems across the top 3 state offices in 2018
Feb 20th 2020

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