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Tue Jun-18-19 11:28 AM

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15. "Well...actually"
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I thought so too...

...balding is caused by a change in testosterone...


There are references to 'hairstyles'...

"Certain hairstyles and treatments. Excessive hairstyling or hairstyles that pull your hair tight, such as pigtails or cornrows, can cause a type of hair loss called traction alopecia. Hot oil hair treatments and permanents can cause inflammation of hair follicles that leads to hair loss. If scarring occurs, hair loss could be permanent."

I have seen edge ups, there's that.


If you can't understand it without an explanation

you can't understand it with an explanation


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Do edge ups cause receding hairlines and balding? [View all] , dirtydee, Sat Jun-15-19 08:50 AM
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that’s some old wives tale shit
Jun 15th 2019
It can be a mix of that but mainly bad diet
Jun 15th 2019
I'm trusting your logic here.
Jun 15th 2019
Whatup, Dee? Been a long while...
Jun 15th 2019
My barber wouldn't even line my son's hair up until about a few months a...
Jun 16th 2019
prolly if the barbers are damaging the skin with it.
Jun 17th 2019
I know a bunch of cats whose hairlines ain't growing back after years of...
Jun 18th 2019
      I haven't had a shape-up on the front since 1999
Jun 18th 2019
      If I didn't have the ill and off-center Eddie Monster, I'd prolly have d...
Jun 18th 2019
Jun 18th 2019
           Nah, B! One goes bald naturally while the other is caused by...
Jun 18th 2019
No. Genetic balding, bad diets, stress and aging causes...
Jun 18th 2019
a haircut cannot cause any genetic change to your hairline
Jun 18th 2019
this might be the dumbest post i've ever seen on here
Jun 18th 2019
I thought it was just me lol
Jun 18th 2019
      Thanks for being a "Well, actually" kinda guy today! LMAO
Jun 18th 2019
it was the dumbest theory from my ex
Jun 20th 2019
      Haha. She likes to argue.
Jun 20th 2019

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