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Ryan M
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Tue Jun-11-19 03:58 PM

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18. "All inclusive resorts are trash."
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First and foremost - they're always in parts of the country that are torn by poverty but OMGz look at the beaches. It feels gross.

Secondly - the food is BEYOND trash. It's garbage. My stomach took a week to recover.

Last is this point up above. They very clearly replace alcohol with god knows what to save money. I was in Mexico 2 years ago for a friend's wedding (never again), and the alcohol always tasted off. It also didn't really seem to work in the same way - I could drink 10 margaritas and barely feel a thing. One night, after drinking wine, I got violently ill in a way I hadn't before or since. I thought at first, MAYBE I just overindulged and this was a hangover or something - but it was not.

Shortly after I found out a few tourists had died and they'd seized thousands of liters of bootleg liquor in the same region I was staying in. So yeah, fuck these places for putting their guests in danger and taking advantage of the locals and their poverty. So disgusting.

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Don’t drink from the minibar in D.R. [View all] , legsdiamond, Tue Jun-11-19 07:08 AM
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Don’t drink? At this point it might be don’t go.
Jun 11th 2019
Never really been interested and won't even entertain the thought...
Jun 11th 2019
the DR is quite lovely
Jun 11th 2019
      the news lately is a little scary
Jun 11th 2019
      Even with poverty/treatment of Haitians
Jun 12th 2019
      Boca Chica was cool Lol
Jun 12th 2019
Jun 11th 2019
Jun 11th 2019
had a trip planned to the Nickolodeon resort down there
Jun 11th 2019
What’s up with these Disney Cruises
Jun 11th 2019
      We love Disney stuff *shrugs*
Jun 11th 2019
           Word. No judging
Jun 11th 2019
went on vacation there a few years ago
Jun 11th 2019
These are the worst few weeks of press DR has had since Trujillo
Jun 11th 2019
The colorism stuff had me...
Jun 11th 2019
Stay out of the D.R. until they treat Haitians with respect and dignity
Jun 11th 2019
^^^^^^^this. I was done after I heard the whole sordid history.
Jun 11th 2019
thank you!
Jun 11th 2019
hear hear!
Jun 11th 2019
We use to go all the time.
Jun 11th 2019
Male tourists only go for the putas.
Jun 11th 2019
2 poisonings, 2 "car accident", 3 inhaled cheap pesticide
Jun 11th 2019
They shot Big Papi in the back.
Jun 12th 2019
      supposedly he was hitting homeruns wit a drug kingpin's wife
Jun 12th 2019

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