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Subject: "We moved, everyone’s sad, and I ... don’t get it" Previous topic | Next topic
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Fri Jun-07-19 01:38 PM

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"We moved, everyone’s sad, and I ... don’t get it"



I’m not mad. But I’m more sympathetic than empathetic and if anything trying to relate to sad people is super confusing.
Here are the facts

1. We can’t afford to thrive in DC. Even at good salaries we were just making it. And that’s with grandma as house care. Because we couldn’t afford to thrive we couldn’t afford to
2. move forward, which is items like child care, New car, real savings, home ownership, college fund, things of that nature just weren’t realistic. And so
3. A few years ago we started to talk about potential places to move, live, next steps and therefore
4. everyone has had years to mentally prepared for necessary change, and I recognize people get comfortable but there’s a part of me that’s a survivor and that part doesn’t allow for me to get too comfortable anywhere. Besides
5. I’ve been down here for two months, they’ve all had that long to in addition to the years to really accept change. And I know that logically but I also know that
6. That’s not how the cycle of grieving works and right now they’re grieving. But part of grief is
7. Accepting. And that more than anything is my biggest point of, internal irritation. Because I feel that
8. They should’ve been here years ago. Not the last few months, not the last year, but years ago. That’s hey, the life we’re living and want to live isn’t sustainable giving current conditions and whether it’s income, proximity to family, environment, or future needs .... you should be thinking of ways to keep that up.

And now I’m just venting here. Because I can’t take this to them. And if I hold it in too long it’ll come out in other ways.
I can’t call it. I’m not even here in the move. I’m just treating this as an opportunity to get those things we talked about.

“There is no fate that cannot be surmounted by scorn.” -Albert Camus


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We moved, everyone’s sad, and I ... don’t get it [View all] , MEAT, Fri Jun-07-19 01:38 PM
Subject Author Message Date ID
same boat
Jun 07th 2019
San Antonio
Jun 07th 2019
cool beans
Jun 07th 2019
I am with y'all
Jun 10th 2019
      If you're planning to move to RDU area hurry...
Jun 10th 2019
Umm... didn’t you move back to Texas with fam close by?
Jun 07th 2019
Leaving the DMV... tears
Jun 08th 2019
The northeast skews your view on a dollar
Jun 08th 2019
      Farmers markets up here are a huge joke too...
Jun 08th 2019
      that's what i'm talking about
Jun 08th 2019
      Anytime I think about moving to the DMV or NE...
Jun 09th 2019
      Wild you say this, my ex was down in Texas last week.
Jun 10th 2019
           Here you go
Jun 12th 2019
           why do you know this?lol
Jun 12th 2019
                Lol. I knew exes can’t talk? Lol.
Jun 12th 2019
                     Ole Nola Darling ass response
Jun 12th 2019
                          Lmaoooo. Why you so accurate though?
Jun 12th 2019
It's gonna be fine. Just remember that patience thing I mentioned...
Jun 08th 2019
We moved from NYC to the DMV (NoVa) four years ago
Jun 09th 2019
The time to buy a house in DC was 10-15 years ago
Jun 10th 2019
its just how people are
Jun 10th 2019
There's a huge cultural difference between DC and SA.
Jun 10th 2019
folks cant process loss until it happens
Jun 10th 2019
RE: We moved, everyone’s sad, and I ... don’t get it
Jun 10th 2019
Charlotte hot right now!!!
Jun 10th 2019
I can’t do “the south”
Jun 11th 2019
      I don’t put much stock into labels like “the South” or “out West...
Jun 11th 2019
I've thought about Raleigh, Charlotte and Houston
Jun 10th 2019
No price for trusted support of family and friends
Jun 10th 2019
You gotta remember you’re in your familIar/comfort zone, she isn’t.
Jun 10th 2019
Living around family is overrated in 2019
Jun 11th 2019
      Bruh. You moved back to a familiar place.
Jun 11th 2019
           I really didn’t. If you had to move back to your stop between
Jun 11th 2019
                It’s a big country and you ended up back in Texas
Jun 12th 2019
                You’re literally staying with your parents.
Jun 12th 2019
                     I’m providing y’all with specific information yet y’all default to...
Jun 12th 2019
                          Even if you interact differently with family
Jun 12th 2019
                               Here’s a secret about me. I love being a Texan, I don’t enjoy Texas
Jun 12th 2019
this a troll right?
Jun 11th 2019
he is an industrial engineer
Jun 12th 2019
      This has little to do with my profession
Jun 12th 2019
           all i can tell you is that people are different
Jun 12th 2019
           And that’s why I’m venting here and not acting
Jun 12th 2019
                humanity in a nutshell
Jun 12th 2019
           Sounds like she doesn’t want to say goodbye.
Jun 12th 2019

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