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Wed Oct-10-18 09:41 AM

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"just got back from haiti"



i was about to go for 4th of july but couldnt work out the arrangements

and then when i woulda been there, this happened-

tl;dr- IMF basically said we need to raise yall gas to ~$20/gal to pay back these loans.... and the whole country said FUNKDATT, "burnin&lootin"(c)bob, shut down the airports, all that

anyway, missing that trip worked out.

so i been there for this past week, trying to get arrangements to the north side of the country to see the citadel/fortress, emperor's palace, etc... but tourism aint really developed here yet, so getting around on "short" notice aint easy. i was gonna have to jump thru hoops to make the north side of the trip work, so after much hesitation and nonrefundable transactions, i gave up. turns out the day my flight woulda been coming back from the the exact lift off time, the 2nd earthquake happened

woulda had me out here like this-

anyway anyway, civil unrest and natural disasters aside, the trip was cool. neighborhood tours, went to a club, ended the trip at a resort (wit pretty much zero whitefolks...not like the other islands). oh and the prime minister was staying at the same resort. sat at the next table over from him at breakfast.

thinking on a larger scale, shouldnt the caribbean be basically
the french riviera for negroes? not just cruise ship stops, but whole islands should be able to raise the standards of living, wipe out the poverty,violence, etc. Youd figure theres gotta be enough expats getting money in the US and europe now to come back and build things up. and enough american Blks looking for a way out of babylon but aint tryna spend 13 hrs and $900 getting to africa.
oh well. in the meantime, chinese is moving in and building up. smh


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get busy living, or get busy dying.


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just got back from haiti [View all] , Riot, Wed Oct-10-18 09:41 AM
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chinese is moving in and building up. smh
Oct 10th 2018
invest in chinese businesses? duplicate them?
Oct 10th 2018
Haiti is beautiful, glad people are visiting.
Oct 10th 2018
so what's the end game in Haiti?
Oct 21st 2021

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