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Subject: "If you're a comedy process geek, Chris went and did a Director's Cut" Previous topic | Next topic
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24. "If you're a comedy process geek, Chris went and did a Director's Cut"
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There's an extra 40 minutes of jokes added, but more interestingly he took the director credit from Bo Burnham and completely re-edited it so it looks more like a standard special - wide shots, crowd reactions, all that. It also shows that Burnham really did edit the special like a actual film at times and changed the way Rock's jokes were told.

There's more crowd work, the punch lines are emphasized a little more (like apparently, "no justice, no quiche" was the punchline to "justice for Chad"), and some of the jokes are a little sloppier. There's a whole riff about what modern Jim Crow Laws are and how he uses the color white in his house to prepare his kids for the real world that was cut out and might be some of the best jokes in the set! And the gun violence jokes make a lot more sense in the context of the set surrounded by four other minutes on gun violence.

Total Blackout is a really interesting flex and it's cool Netflix has 'em both 'cause if you want the real good Rock solos they're all over this extended cut but if you just want the melodies Tamborine is still a really good time. I don't even know if I have a preference - Total Blackout feels like a comedy set and Tamborine feels like a statement, and I kind of agree with the post above that said Rock is more of a technician. I might lean toward this new one just because giving the money shots more time to build up helps them land a little harder, and all the jabs leading up are sometimes just as funny or funnier.

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thoughts on the Chris Rock Netflix special? [View all] , BrooklynWHAT, Wed Feb-14-18 09:47 PM
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I thought it was hilarious and loved he titled it Tamborine
Feb 14th 2018
does he still have a career?
Feb 14th 2018
yes, he still makes a lot of money doing stand up comedy
Feb 15th 2018
Gotdammittt! You can always count on Maxxx ta give you one!....LMBAO!
Feb 15th 2018
he seems different...
Feb 15th 2018
Fucking hilarious. Dude still at the top of his game.
Feb 15th 2018
Loved it.
Feb 15th 2018
Feb 15th 2018
Feb 16th 2018
That porn addiction segment was too real
Feb 15th 2018
that 15 mins late thing had me dying.
Feb 16th 2018
It's tremendous.
Feb 15th 2018
Thought it was funny. I laughed alot
Feb 15th 2018
^^^^ it was on point
Feb 16th 2018
In a way, this is Chris Rock's 4:44 to me
Feb 16th 2018
Dave is funnier but Rock is a better comedian
Feb 16th 2018
      I can agree with that
Feb 16th 2018
      ^^^ I can clap to this
Feb 16th 2018
      good shit...I'd call Dave Roy Jones Jr...
Feb 16th 2018
      Yeah. That works. Mike Tyson might be too borish
Feb 16th 2018
Feb 16th 2018
So....did the porn addiction material seem to be an "exaggeration
Feb 16th 2018
It was funny and on point.
Feb 16th 2018

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