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Subject: "Is this Lanze dude making the dumbed down version of mumble rap?" Previous topic | Next topic
The Wordsmith
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Fri Sep-01-17 02:14 PM

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"Is this Lanze dude making the dumbed down version of mumble rap?"



Yo! What the hell is this foolishness?! I didn't think it were possible to make an even worse version of mumble rap but this fool has ultimately proved me wrong. This dude's delivery and "lyrics" are a dumbed down version of mumble rapping and that's saying a lot. How come this dude is looking like those Sambo/jiggaboo racist caricatures of Black folks with his eyes all bugged out? Nigga must be lacing his weed with bath salts.

Somehow, with the way hip hop tastes are nowadays, I wouldn't even be shocked if niggas start calling that joint "lit" and actually are banging it every chance they get (I mean, yeah, the beat is hitting, but still).

Man, if this joint catches on despite this nigga sounding like the down syndrome version of these mumbling niggas, I may have to either start weeping or just grow even more numb about many of today's musical acts.


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Is this Lanze dude making the dumbed down version of mumble rap? [View all] , The Wordsmith, Fri Sep-01-17 02:14 PM
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it's possible to dumb down mumble rap?
Sep 01st 2017
The video I posted says yes.
Sep 01st 2017
This is less shocking than it should be.
Sep 01st 2017
lmaoooooooo this shit gotta be a joke.
Sep 01st 2017
I wish it were but that fool got a couple of more vids.....
Sep 01st 2017
y'all know there is a cottage industry of dope boys washing $ with rap
Sep 01st 2017
Special needs rap
Sep 01st 2017
I lasted 2 seconds.. lol
Sep 01st 2017
Somebody said he looks like the zombie version of MJ in Thriller.
Sep 01st 2017
lmao @ 'zombie version of MJ in Thriller'
Sep 01st 2017
It's got 80k views in one month...
Sep 01st 2017
Lol, pretty much.
Sep 01st 2017
I...I kinda loved this. Not for what it is but for what it could be
Sep 01st 2017
Sep 01st 2017
Sep 02nd 2017
Rather listen to this:
Sep 02nd 2017
Sep 02nd 2017

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