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Subject: "LMAO someone at work “reported” me for being “unfriendly”" Previous topic | Next topic
Cold Truth
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Tue Jan-03-17 03:04 PM

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"LMAO someone at work “reported” me for being “unfriendly”"



SMH@these petty motherfuckers. Tis the season I suppose, lol

Apparently the complaint was an anonymous letter to a DM that said the following:

-I don’t socialize with my coworkers. This is false, because I do. I just don’t do lunch, breaks or happy hours.

-I am often “short” when greeting this person in passing, and appear disinterested in talking.

-I often have my headphones on when walking through the office. Not the lobby, not where are customers are, which is an obvious and absolute no go to anyone with sense, but the back office, where it’s perfectly accepted, allowed, and common.

-I don’t appear willing to assist coworkers.

I was told to try to be more “sociable” and “accessible”.

Now…. I have a few suspects in mind, but even if it’s neither of them, this is hilarious. First, I answer questions all damn day. The problem I think people have is that I don’t solve their problem for them. If they ask a question I know for sure off top, I’ll answer.

Otherwise I ask the same two questions every time:

-Did you check the handbook?

-Are you current with the updated material?

Because I’m not going to do your research for you for your case, so if you didn’t do that, there’s no conversation for us to have.

Further, we have a resource department that literally exists in part to answer questions.

In terms of shortness, yeah, I am, because if I’m not every person I pass by wants updates on my wife, my kids, myself, or to discuss my weekend, the fight, the game, or what have you. People can’t just say “hey!” and KIM. They want to stop in the hallway and chat. They mean well, but it’s just impractical to allow every passing acknowledgment to turn into a chat, even a quick one.

So I told my boss I’d be happy to engage everyone about my life if I could put those discussions on my productivity. Otherwise, that’s not changing. I’ll continue to ask questions as asked with basic answers and KIM.

Anyhow I strongly suspect one person in particular. I can’t walk by her desk without her asking some very basic, 101 level question about a case OR some shit that requires a long, hard look and never seems to have done any research before asking. Inevitably she’ll say something about her “adult” ADD being the reason she doesn’t understand this stuff and how they won’t accommodate her disability.

Hate to be insensitive here but IMO anyone who needs as much hand holding as that one has no business doing this job. I always refer her to resource or her supervisors because she’s a minefield to walk past.

We’re setup in sort of a maze and it’s impossible not to bump into multiple people over the course of the day and I have no choice but to pass this woman’s desk to get to mine, so yeah. I try to cut down my time with her as much as possible.

Apparently I’m not in any kind of trouble but “be more friendly” is a “suggestion” going forward.

Kind of an annoying way to ring in the new year at the office if you ask me. I can’t wait for the next staff meeting where someone whines because nobody decorated her desk for her birthday.


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LMAO someone at work “reported” me for being “unfriendly” [View all] , Cold Truth, Tue Jan-03-17 03:04 PM
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They want you to start coming to work like:
Jan 03rd 2017
it's not uncommon for OKPs to have social diseases.
Jan 03rd 2017
Jan 03rd 2017
Jan 04th 2017
Jan 04th 2017
i've been in toxic environments like that before
Jan 03rd 2017
Every one of those except, 'assisting coworkers,' could apply to me.
Jan 03rd 2017
Thing is, I assist. A lot. I just don't do the work for them.
Jan 04th 2017
im not into being fake at all
Jan 03rd 2017
Go to a happy hour occasionally. At the first one you go to,...
Jan 03rd 2017
It's honestly just not practical.
Jan 04th 2017
      RE: It's honestly just not practical.
Jan 05th 2017
Does your job not require socializing to get ahead there?
Jan 03rd 2017
gubmint work ain't like that.
Jan 03rd 2017
Not here actually. Networking is critical.
Jan 03rd 2017
Networking, yes.
Jan 03rd 2017
(•_•) / ( •_•)>⌐■-■ / (⌐■_■), a cold truth.
Jan 03rd 2017
lmao. bruh you and astralblak
Jan 03rd 2017
Jan 04th 2017
that $hit childish af.
Jan 03rd 2017
I've seen that on an evaluation or two.
Jan 03rd 2017
Not surprising...and LOL @ you calling someone petty
Jan 03rd 2017
Sure thing, Mr "your hip hop opinion is invalid"
Jan 04th 2017
      You should seek out a therapist.
Jan 04th 2017
Kwesi moved to Cali?
Jan 03rd 2017
Are you the only Black person in tour department?
Jan 03rd 2017
Im not black. The person i suspect is an old retired white lady
Jan 04th 2017
yeah.. this isn't shocking at all
Jan 03rd 2017
Lol im an asshole for not holding hands of adults who don't work.
Jan 04th 2017
      Do you growl at coworkers?
Jan 04th 2017
           Is this the part where you create a long, pointless back and forth out o...
Jan 04th 2017
                You are the last person who needs to tell someone else to change
Jan 04th 2017
                     Bye, bitch.
Jan 04th 2017
You??? NO WAY!! That is some fraggleknackle horse crap!
Jan 03rd 2017
Jan 04th 2017
Jan 04th 2017
lmao... and I bet fake money it isn't the white lady
Jan 04th 2017
So you're bringing the office down with your mere presence?
Jan 04th 2017
Yes. The entire office. Because I don't stop for small talk
Jan 04th 2017
So.... is it something that you're going to be more mindful of moving fo...
Jan 04th 2017
Nope, for a few reasons.
Jan 04th 2017
RE: LMAO someone at work “reported” me for being “unfriendly”
Jan 04th 2017
yeah, eff that... YOU PEOPLE ARE NOT MY FRIENDS!!!
Jan 04th 2017
Jan 04th 2017

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