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Subject: "Just spoke to a dude I ain't spoke to since 1995" Previous topic | Next topic
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Mon May-23-16 12:49 PM

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"Just spoke to a dude I ain't spoke to since 1995"



And it comes out that the reason why a chick I I used to fonk with that was 2 years younger than me stopped messing with me.

(Of course he ain't say it like that but he told me some info I never knew. Nigga was creepin while I was wide awake)

My $4.75 at 10 hrs per week couldn't touch the $9.00 at 40 hrs per week and the 1994 Escort with two 12s in the back the homie who just graduated had when he used to come back to the high school and scoop her up.

Yeah, he just opened some old scabs and poured salt in there.

He predicted my life kinda well tho.
Funny how at 16 people have an idea where you will be in life at 36 (I'm 37 btw).

But back to the lesson at hand.
All yall old dudes, PLEASE stop doing that!
Leave them young girls alone and let them be for the young dudes the taking PSAT prep classes with.

Thank You.

pink toes:


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Just spoke to a dude I ain't spoke to since 1995 [View all] , deejboram, Mon May-23-16 12:49 PM
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Damn just reading your story took me back to an L that I
May 23rd 2016
keep the beat going...
May 23rd 2016
he is the reason I became a DJ. I started on his 1200s
May 23rd 2016
Looks like she saved you a longterm L
May 23rd 2016
She still fly as shit. got 5 kids and is a high exec in Hollywood
May 23rd 2016
      man.. did you grow up in Southern California?
May 24th 2016
           San Diego. but I went to school with the ACTUAL khameelah
May 24th 2016
i used to get mad when the Seniors would scoop up the sophomores...
May 23rd 2016
HAHA, exactly
May 24th 2016
how did he predict things?
May 24th 2016
that I'd be on Wall Street or some type of entrepreneurs
May 24th 2016
      yeah, the look back can be tough esp for black people
May 24th 2016
           Man its really sobering. We come from THE BOTTOMS
May 24th 2016

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