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Subject: "You ever feel like you are being watched when you use the internet?" Previous topic | Next topic
double negative
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Thu Mar-31-16 12:03 PM

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"You ever feel like you are being watched when you use the internet?"



specifically when looking at strangers fuck on the internet.

my laptop camera has had black electrical tape over the camera for this exact reason.

when I'm about to look at some devious shit I close out any and all google related tabs (gmail, etc). I close out any and all facebook tabs. I close out any cisco/oracle/chat/messaging products.

Yet, even with all that...I cant shake the feeling that I'm being watched.

I don't mean this from a POV that I am important enough to be watched but more that any and all information is being collected at all times.

You feel that shit?



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You ever feel like you are being watched when you use the internet? [View all] , double negative, Thu Mar-31-16 12:03 PM
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Mar 31st 2016
here you go.
Mar 31st 2016
      data collection on the internet isn't something to 'feel.'
Mar 31st 2016
           you make the board a shitty place.
Mar 31st 2016
                are you flirting with me?
Mar 31st 2016
                also, why blame me? why not blame this shitty post?
Mar 31st 2016
are you more worried about the webcam or the cookies?
Mar 31st 2016
i don't remain logged in to anything for this reason.
Mar 31st 2016
thing is....I also use chrome and Im logged into that..damn
Mar 31st 2016
      Thats a main reason I don't use chrome.
Mar 31st 2016
Folks of your mindset
Mar 31st 2016
Ah yes. Tor. All the free cheese pizza you would ever want.
Mar 31st 2016
run Tails from a USB stick on a throwaway laptop and worry less
Mar 31st 2016
I'm naturally paranoid ...
Mar 31st 2016
yup .. these Secret Stasi mods is watching us, man
Mar 31st 2016
looking at you like this
Mar 31st 2016
Mar 31st 2016
yes and i love it
Mar 31st 2016
Mar 31st 2016

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