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Subject: "when applying for a job, how' hard' do you go?" Previous topic | Next topic
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Fri Oct-23-15 11:13 AM

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"Poll question: when applying for a job, how' hard' do you go?"


i just got an email from a stranger person applying for a job at this company. attached her resume, cover letter and everything.

i couldn't figure out how she'd gotten my email cause it's not published.

so immediately, i was impressed by this young lady's resourcefulness.

THEN i did some more investigation (actually opened the email) and noticed she sent it to

i can't decided whether that's genius or lunacy.

what do you think?

Poll result (8 votes)
i submit the resume, wait for the call/reply back. it's the right thing to do. (4 votes)Vote
i don't go too hard, but i do call a couple people to make sure they got it. (1 votes)Vote
i go kinda hard. i email and call. ALOT. i need them to know that i want it. (2 votes)Vote
i submit the resume by sending an email to the entire staff of the company - - im smart. (1 votes)Vote



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when applying for a job, how' hard' do you go? [View all] , Kwesi, Fri Oct-23-15 11:13 AM
Subject Author Message Date ID you saying she basically just hung her resume on the "Fro...
Oct 23rd 2015
the 'front door'. i had to reply. now i think she lying
Oct 23rd 2015
      LMAO...did she really think Bowie State carried weight??
Oct 30th 2015
           im thinking she thought trinity was gonna grab all the attention.
Oct 30th 2015
Go hard or go home... but don't be desperate or crazy
Oct 23rd 2015
what's creepy about that?
Oct 23rd 2015
we wont take it to creepy. but it seems a bit unhinged.
Oct 23rd 2015
I've only ever worked for friends or unopened restaurants
Oct 23rd 2015
i envy this kind of life.
Oct 29th 2015
      you and me both pal
Oct 29th 2015
      man restaurant life is not for the faint of heart though
Oct 30th 2015
man i basically become a cyber stalker
Oct 29th 2015
pretty much.
Oct 30th 2015
4th round of interviews on monday...send me positive energy
Oct 29th 2015
you got this
Oct 30th 2015
      for sure.
Oct 30th 2015
you miss 100% of the shots you don't take.
Oct 30th 2015
Did this work for her?
Oct 30th 2015

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