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Subject: "Frail men shouldn't be allowed to own guns." Previous topic | Next topic
Madvillain 626
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Fri Jun-19-15 01:23 PM

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"Frail men shouldn't be allowed to own guns."
Fri Jun-19-15 01:23 PM by Madvillain 626



Think about it. Dylan Roof, sandy hook dude, the batman shooter? What did they have in common? Frail, brittle, pussy ass dudes.

Columbine shooters? Frail

V Tech shooter? Frail

Eliot Rodgers? Frail (and short)

Now, gun control in this country is a pipe dream but here's an idea: If you're a male in America, and you weigh less than 180 can't own a gun. Period. Just having a gun on you if you're a brittle ass dude is a felony with a max sentence of 10 years.

Think about the hood. The dude who looks like he could have balled in the NBA isn't the first to bust his's the little bobby schmurda lookin dude you gotta worry about. (Or the liteskint one)

These dudes are weak, pitiful, and can't get pussy if their life depended on it, and they mad as fuck so they want to hate women, or blacks, or gays, or everybody. And they cowardly ass wants to bust shots cuz they'd get slammed in any other style of confrontation.

Just an idea tho. (Please don't ask "what about women?" cuz they aint doin killing sprees)

If life is stupendous one cannot also demand that it should be easy. - Robert Musil


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Frail men shouldn't be allowed to own guns. [View all] , Madvillain 626, Fri Jun-19-15 01:23 PM
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the dudes in the hood aint 'allowed' either yet they still get their
Jun 19th 2015
yeah there's just too many fuckin guns out here period
Jun 19th 2015
haha it is funny to imagine how this process would be sorted
Jun 19th 2015
'The Slammable Initiative' gets moved through the Senate today..
Jun 19th 2015
This nigga here
Jun 20th 2015
I think we need to just ban guns.
Jun 19th 2015
Yup. Hunting rifles and shotguns
Jun 19th 2015
the door to door gun collection committee will be successful
Jun 19th 2015
      Australians voluntarily disarmed themselves. Fury Road gets it. we dont.
Jun 20th 2015
           so what your saying is in fact there is no pratical solution
Jun 20th 2015
the unpopular part is true but its more of the unrealistic part
Jun 19th 2015
Jun 20th 2015
lost cause. federally anyway.
Jun 20th 2015
now I'm canadian but.. part of the idea behind guns in your country
Jun 19th 2015
well said-
Jun 19th 2015
how the fuck can the average american
Jun 20th 2015
Eliot Rodgers didn't hate women. He hated the dudes that the women
Jun 19th 2015
RE: nah he was a pretty well documented woman hater. Read up.
Jun 20th 2015
Yet in the end, most of his victims were still men.
Jun 20th 2015
      His first stop was a sorority house. But yeah he loved women.
Jun 21st 2015
We seen your posts, beloved. You're not a good judge on this topic
Jun 20th 2015
Jun 20th 2015
Jun 19th 2015
Frail =/=180 lbs or less.
Jun 20th 2015
the sign at the gun counter at walmart reads...
Jun 20th 2015
I'll take it. Set up a speed bag before they even take your ID.
Jun 20th 2015
      call in a brolic stock dude to arm wrestle
Jun 20th 2015
           During the background check someone cuts in front of you in line
Jun 20th 2015
....I'm going to lean towards mental fragility
Jun 20th 2015

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