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Subject: "why did i assume jermaine stewart was talking to a woman?" Previous topic | Next topic
Joe Corn Mo
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Fri Apr-03-15 11:04 AM

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"why did i assume jermaine stewart was talking to a woman?"



he can easily be talking to a dude.

and if i read any more into it,
i could break down how he isn't
talking about not wanting to have sex.

he is saying he wants the guy to
slow down, flirt with him a little, and dance.

while dancing, he says, "maybe THEN you'll score." meaning dancing, sometimes, can be sex.
just like MJ broke down on "rock with you."

arguably, jermaine stewart is the sexual agressor in "we don't hhave to take our clothes off." he is laying down some grad course level queer theory
and seducing a guy that is all about the nut to slow down and
fuck properly.

the hook of the song is more like a demand.

we don't HAVE to take our clothes off to have a good time.
he's not saying we shouldn't, or won't.

he is reminding the guy that
they don't have to.

I could probably do a seminar on this song.

like when he says "girl, i'm not
a piece of meat, stimulate my brain."

he can call the gay guy girl
for the same reason it's okay
for black folks to call a black guy an enwurd. (c) bin

sub cultures do that a lot.

this song, is another version
of whitney's "I wanna dance with somebody,"

a song which has the subtext,
I am open to fucking, and I want somebody to notice, without
me giving up the impression I am
a whore, or that it is a problem
that I want to fuck."

it's pretty groundbreaking for
a gay man to send that message in a song.

but I dunno if he intended for
his song to be read that way.

subtext is awesome.
I love looking for it, even
when it may not exist.


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why did i assume jermaine stewart was talking to a woman? [View all] , Joe Corn Mo, Fri Apr-03-15 11:04 AM
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Because you've been conditioned by the Patriarchy to be
Apr 03rd 2015
that, and the cherry wine
Apr 03rd 2015
this line of thinking opens new meanings to MJ, "rock with you."
Apr 03rd 2015
Apr 03rd 2015
The Cherry Wine hand movement in the video gave it away
Apr 03rd 2015
I have nothing to add other than
Apr 03rd 2015
my sis use to dance around the house to this like in Coming to America
Apr 03rd 2015
This basically
Apr 04th 2015

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